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Blue Jays Dominate as Away Team Coming off 2 Runs Loss in Last 2 Years (05/01/23)

Over the past two years, the Toronto Blue Jays have been a team to watch when playing as the away team and coming off a two-run loss. In these situations, the Blue Jays have been incredibly successful, boasting an impressive 13-3 SU record. That equates to an 81.25% win percentage, which is a remarkable feat in any professional sports league.

While there are many factors that contribute to a team's success, this trend suggests that the Blue Jays who face the Boston Red Sox tonight at Fenway Park, are a resilient team that can bounce back from a tough loss. It also highlights the importance of momentum in baseball, as winning or losing streaks can have a significant impact on a team's performance.

It's worth noting that this trend does not guarantee future success for the Blue Jays in similar circumstances. Each game is unique, and a team's success depends on many variables such as starting pitchers, injuries, and in-game adjustments.

However, this trend is a positive sign for Blue Jays fans and a warning for their opponents that they should not underestimate the team's ability to bounce back from a loss.

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