Daily Sports Betting Podcast 9/15/21 – Raymond Report

Welcome to the Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast for Wednesday, September 15th, 2021, as professional handicapper Ron Raymond breaks down today’s sports betting action.
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Horse Racing Picks (9/15/21)
Free Horse Racing Picks: (Track of the Day)

Today’s Sports Handicapping Agenda (9/15/21)
1. Sports Betting Index (SBI) – MLB – CFB – NFL – CFL
2. Review MLB Streaks
3. Review Top Favorites and Underdogs in MLB
4. Team System Trends

MLB Game Previews (9/15/21)
Ron Previews some of the MLB Games using the Raymond Report Tipsheet

Stats and Trends
Trends Are Your Friends

Hasta La Vista Baby- See You Mañana

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