Free MLB Picks (10/1/21) – 15 Baseball Predictions

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Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond of the Raymond Report has released his Free MLB baseball forecast predictions for Friday, October 1st, 2021, including his MLB prediction on today’s baseball game between the Boston Red Sox vs. Washington Nationals, Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Blue Jays and Los Angeles Angels vs. Seattle Mariners.

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About Professional Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond
Ron Raymond is a veteran sports handicapper going into his 24th season and is recognized as a pioneer in the online sports handicapping industry. In 2009, Ron Raymond wrote a book called “Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” and it is now listed on Amazon. Plus, Ron Raymond is the owner and founder of the World Series of Handicapping© Pro Football Contest going into its 9th season.
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