Free MLB Power Ratings Update – April 23, 2024

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As we move deeper into the 2024 MLB season, it’s time to assess how teams are stacking up based on a blend of their winning percentages, strength of schedule, and overall power ratings. This analysis provides a clearer picture of which teams are truly excelling, which are holding steady, and which are underperforming against the expectations set at the season's start. Here's the latest update on the MLB landscape, highlighting standout performers, potential contenders, and those facing challenges on the diamond.

Top Performers:

  1. Cleveland Indians (16-6, .727 Winning %, SOS: 43.76, PR: 0.58) – Dominating the league with one of the best records and a robust power rating, complemented by a manageable schedule strength.
  2. Baltimore Orioles (15-7, .682 Winning %, SOS: 51.64, PR: 0.60) – Excelling with a high win rate and the challenge of a tough schedule, their performance is genuinely standout this season.

Strong Contenders:

  1. Atlanta Braves (15-6, .714 Winning %, SOS: 41.52, PR: 0.56) – Maintaining excellent form with a significant winning percentage and performing well above their schedule challenges.
  2. Milwaukee Brewers (14-7, .667 Winning %, SOS: 52.22, PR: 0.59) – Showing great resilience and strength, performing well against a moderately tough schedule.

Teams to Watch:

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (15-8, .652 Winning %, SOS: 44.37, PR: 0.55) – On a hot streak with a perfect recent record, showcasing their potential against a mid-range strength of schedule.
  2. NY Yankees (15-8, .652 Winning %, SOS: 46.98, PR: 0.56) – Consistently strong with a solid win rate and handling a moderate schedule with aplomb.


  1. Chicago White Sox (3-19, .136 Winning %, SOS: 60.17, PR: 0.37) – Facing the toughest schedules and struggling significantly, their performance is markedly below par.
  2. Colorado Rockies (5-18, .217 Winning %, SOS: 52.84, PR: 0.37) – Despite facing tough opponents, their inability to convert games into wins places them at the lower end of the spectrum.

Emerging Concerns:

  • Los Angeles Angels (9-14, .391 Winning %, SOS: 52.20, PR: 0.46) – Struggling despite a higher than average strength of schedule, which is impacting their overall performance.
  • Houston Astros (7-16, .304 Winning %, SOS: 57.49, PR: 0.44) – Underperforming and facing one of the tougher schedules in the league, which might be a factor in their poor showing.

As the season progresses, keep an eye on how teams adapt to their schedules and whether their power ratings improve or decline based on performance trends and opposition strength!