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Free MLB Power Ratings Update – April 5, 2024

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As the MLB season unfolds, teams are jostling for early positions in the standings. Let's dive into the Power Ratings as of April 5, 2024, focusing on the teams' current season performance, their recent strides in the last 7 and 14 games, and the strength of their opponents (SOS).

Top Performers

  • New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates are leading the pack, both boasting an impressive 6-1 record. The Yankees, with a Power Rating of 0.63 and an SOS of 40.81, demonstrate their prowess against relatively strong opposition. The Pirates, despite a similar record, have faced less challenging opponents (SOS of 14.28), resulting in a Power Rating of 0.50.
  • Detroit Tigers are off to a strong start with a 5-1 record. Their Power Rating stands at 0.50, indicative of facing less challenging teams with an SOS of 16.67.

Rising Stars

  • Los Angeles Dodgers, showcasing their competitive edge, have secured a 7-2 record with a notable Power Rating of 0.60. Their balanced schedule (SOS of 41.62) suggests a solid all-around performance.
  • Cleveland Guardians, making significant strides, post a 6-2 record with a Power Rating of 0.52. Their moderate SOS of 29.47 indicates they've been navigating a relatively balanced set of opponents.

Teams Facing Early Challenges

  • Miami Marlins are finding the going tough with an 0-8 start, the only team yet to register a win. Their Power Rating of 0.37 against a high SOS of 74.11 underscores the daunting challenges they've faced.
  • Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros are also off to rocky starts, with records of 1-5 and 2-5, respectively. Both teams face high SOS, suggesting tough early-season matchups might be a contributing factor to their struggles.


  • Teams like Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers are showing promising signs with records of 4-2, backed by high Power Ratings of 0.61, indicating strong performances against relatively solid competition.
  • Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals, despite less favorable records, are grappling with some of the league's highest SOS, hinting at potential for turnaround as the season progresses.

As the MLB 2024 season continues, it will be intriguing to see how teams adjust and strategize against their competition. The current Power Ratings provide an early insight into team performances and potential season narratives, with plenty of baseball left to play.