MLB Betting Trends

Free MLB Trends Analysis for Sunday, April 28th, 2024

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As we approach another exciting day of Major League Baseball, leveraging historical performance insights can provide bettors with a strategic edge. Today's trends from the “80% Club” at ATS STATS spotlight significant patterns across various teams, focusing on their performance under specific conditions. Here’s a detailed look at these compelling trends:

Strong Winning Records

  1. San Diego Padres' Recovery:
  • The Padres boast a strong recovery record, going 9-1 SU at home following a three-game losing streak over the last two years, highlighting resilience.
  1. New York Yankees' Dominance Against NL Central:
  • The Yankees have excelled as away team against NL Central opponents, with a 12-2 SU record over the last two years and an even stronger 13-3 SU record over three years, demonstrating consistent superiority in inter-league play.
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers' Day Game Follow-Up:
  • The Dodgers have been formidable in games following a day game when playing away, holding an 18-3 SU record for the last two years.
  1. Atlanta Braves Consistency at Home:
  • The Braves have consistently performed well at home following games where they scored exactly two runs, with impressive records over three, four, and five-year spans, peaking at 28-7 SU over the last five years.
  1. Mets and Guardians Excel in Specific Scenarios:
  • The Mets are 25-6 SU at home after losing the second game of a series in the last two years, while the Guardians have an 8-2 SU record as road underdogs during the current season, both showcasing strong situational performances.

Scoring Trends

  1. Over and Under Patterns:
  • The Dodgers show a tendency for high-scoring games when playing away against AL East opponents, with a 10-2-0 record for overs in the last four years and a 9-1-1 record specifically after a win over AL East teams in the last five years.
  • Conversely, the Diamondbacks tend to participate in lower-scoring games away from home after scoring only one run, with a 3-15-0 record for the under in the last two years.
  • The Padres and Rangers also trend towards the under in specific home game conditions, with the Padres at 2-9-0 after a four-run loss and the Rangers at 2-9-0 with totals between 8.5 and 9.5 during the current season.
  • The Reds display a similar under trend, going 2-8-0 away after a four-run win in the last two years.


Today’s highlighted trends from the 80% Club stats reveal potent insights into how teams perform under specific circumstances, which can be pivotal for bettors looking to capitalize on historical patterns. Teams like the Yankees and Dodgers continue to show strong away performance, while the Braves' resilience at home after minimal scoring games offers a reliable betting angle. Moreover, scoring trends, particularly involving the Dodgers and Diamondbacks, could guide over/under betting strategies effectively. Integrating these trends with up-to-date game-day conditions and player form will enhance the precision of today’s MLB betting decisions.