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Major League Trends to Watch For: August 26th, 2023

Good morning, baseball fans! The scent of freshly cut grass, the crack of a bat, and the roar of the crowd – it's a Saturday in August, and MLB action is in full swing. Today, we have some fun stats and trends to tickle your fancy, and perhaps, give you some insights into today’s games. Batter up!

1. Houston's Redemption Saga

The Astros are looking to make up for past mistakes. They boast an impressive 10-1 SU record when playing as the away team after a 3-run loss in the last two years. With an overall away record of 37-27, the Astros seem well poised to continue this trend. If history tells us anything, expect the Astros to bounce back with a vengeance today.

2. High Scoring Saturdays for the Angels

The LA Angels seem to light up the scoreboard on Saturdays. Specifically, when they're the away team, the over hits a whopping 90% of the time this season! Given their recent away over/under stats of 34-26-4, you might want to keep an eye out for some fireworks in today’s game.

3. Met-tastic Resilience

The New York Mets hate losing by 2 runs, especially at home. Their record in the subsequent game over the last 2 years stands at an impressive 9-1 SU. Considering their relatively balanced home record of 31-29, those looking for a surefire trend might want to tune into the Mets' game today.

4. Phil-ing Good at Home

After a high-scoring game, the Philadelphia Phillies are an incredible 16-3 SU at home over the last 2 years. Sitting comfortably with a 37-25 home record, the Phillies seem to relish the home advantage when they're coming off a game where they've piled on the runs.

5. Red Sox and the NL West Showdown

There's something about the NL West that brings out the big hitters in the Boston Red Sox. When they're at home against an NL West opponent, the over has hit 83.33% of the time in the last four years. Today’s match-up promises some heavy hitting, so keep your scorecards handy!

6. The Under Giants?

For those who enjoy low-scoring, edge-of-the-seat games, the San Francisco Giants are your team. The under hits 83.33% of the time for the Giants when they're at home, following a loss in Game 1 of a series this season. With their home under record standing at 25-38-1, expect some nail-biting pitcher duels in San Francisco today.

7. Blue Jays vs. AL Central: A Dominant Streak

The Toronto Blue Jays have been dominant at home against AL Central Division opponents in the last two years, boasting a 12-3 SU record. Their current home record of 32-28 suggests that the Jays might have an upper hand in today’s game.

8. Twin Power in August

Don’t forget the Minnesota Twins. They seem to have a penchant for playing their best baseball at home in August. They’re currently 8-2 SU, making them one team to watch closely in today's matchups.

In conclusion, today promises to be an exhilarating day of baseball, with teams looking to capitalize on their trends and strengthen their positions. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a casual observer, or just someone looking for the day's top matchups, these stats offer a fascinating glimpse into the dynamics of the game. Play ball! ⚾️

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