mlb trends august 28

Major League Trends to Watch For: August 28th, 2023

Hello, baseball aficionados! As we warm up for today's MLB showdowns, we've dug deep to gather some noteworthy statistics and tendencies that might shine a light on the potential outcomes of the day's matchups. Ready to delve into some baseball analytics? Batter up!

Baltimore's Surprising Outcomes
In games where the Baltimore Orioles have been deemed the underdogs, with odds between 100 and 120, their record isn't particularly impressive, standing at 10-15 SU. However, when looking at the over/under numbers, they've been dominant, showcasing a 19-6 scoreline. If history is any indicator, we might witness a run-fest today.

Dodgers Versus the NL West
The Los Angeles Dodgers appear to have a knack for their encounters against the NL West rivals. As the favorites, their record speaks volumes with a remarkable 13-4 SU. Their over/under scoreline stands at a balanced 7-7-2, making today's game an unpredictable one.

San Francisco's Late Summer Adventures
In the dying days of August, the San Francisco Giants have shown remarkable tenacity against AL East adversaries away from home. Coming off a 3-game losing streak and meeting a right-handed starter, their record stands strong at 11-6 SU, and the over at 14-3. The game promises excitement and possibly high scores today.

Texas's AL Central Conundrums
Against AL Central squads on foreign turf and squaring off against right-handed pitchers, Texas Rangers have found the going tough with a 4-9 SU record. Yet, their over/under stats of 11-1-1 hint at a potential high-scoring affair today.

Oakland's Afternoon Angst
During afternoon games ahead of a non-divisional matchup and after a defeat to an AL East team, Oakland Athletics have been on shaky ground with a 2-9 SU. Nevertheless, the over looks promising at 10-1, suggesting potential runs galore today.

Philadelphia's Inter-League Showdowns
Philadelphia Phillies have stamped their authority at home versus AL Central teams, especially post-victory. Their record shines at 9-1 SU, but the under has overshadowed with a scoreline of 1-9.

Minnesota's Fortress Form
Hosting AL West opponents after a triumphant game as favorites, Minnesota Twins have registered a solid 7-3 SU. The over/under, meanwhile, tilts towards the over at 9-2. An engaging game is on the cards today.

Miami's Day Game Prowess
In sunny afternoon matchups at home facing NL East teams, especially post-defeat and having notched up 5 or more runs previously, Miami Marlins have been a bit underwhelming at 3-10 SU. However, the over/under indicates a tilt towards the under with a 3-7-2 record.

Seattle's Conquests Away from Home
When journeying to face AL East teams post a game versus a right-handed starter, the Seattle Mariners shine with an enviable 14-2 SU. The over/under, on the flip side, keeps us guessing with a balanced 8-7-1.

Colorado's Dominance at the Base
With the backing of the home crowd and being substantial favorites, especially with odds ranging from -190 to -210, the Colorado Rockies have held their own with a 5-5 SU on Mondays preceding an inter-league game. But the over has been on a roll, showing at 8-2.

Yankees' Momentum in the Bronx
Post a narrow defeat by a margin of 1 or 2 runs, the New York Yankees, when at home, have shown great bounce-back ability over the last couple of years, recording a 9-2 SU. The trend, however, leans towards the under with a 3-7-1 score.

In summation, today's MLB slate offers plenty of enticements for all – the devout fan, the stats aficionado, or the casual observer readying for a day of thrilling action. Caps on and let's swing into a new day of baseball! ⚾️

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