MLB Trends 091523

MLB 80% Club: Saturday, September 16th, 2023

Welcome back to the 80% Club, where we break down some of the top trends from the Raymond Report for today's MLB action. Let's dive into the trends that have performed at an 80% clip or higher:

1. Toronto Blue Jays: A Low-Scoring Pattern?

  • Recent history indicates a significant inclination towards the ‘Under' when the Blue Jays play at home following a game where they scored exactly 3 runs. This trend stands at 1-10-0 for the current season (90.91%).

2. Cleveland Guardians: Home Powerhouse

  • The Guardians have been impressive at home, especially after big wins. They have a dominant 9-1 SU record when playing at home following a 9-run victory over the last decade (90%).

3. Houston Astros: Staying ‘Under' on the Road

  • The Astros' away games have had a proclivity for low scores after a series of ‘Under' results. They are 13-2 SU when played away coming off 4 ‘Unders' in the last 6 years (86.67%), and this consistency continues over the 5-year and 4-year spans, at 12-2 SU (85.71%) and 10-2 SU (83.33%), respectively.

4. New York Mets: Home Resilience

  • After a 2-run loss, the Mets have shown grit at home with a 10-2 SU record in the last 2 years (83.33%). This extends to a 14-3 SU record over the past 4 years (82.35%).

5. LA Angels: High Scoring Affair Consequences

  • Historical data suggests a tendency for the ‘Under' when the Angels play at home after conceding 11 runs in their last outing. They stand at 2-10-0 over the past 5 years for this specific trend (83.33%).

6. Los Angeles Dodgers: On an ‘Over' Roll?

  • Multiple trends align for the Dodgers, especially regarding high-scoring games. As an away team following an ‘Over' result, they have records of 254-259-27 since 1996 and 10-2-0 for the current season (both at 83.33%).

7. San Diego Padres: Facing Left-Handed Pitchers

  • The ‘Under' has been a popular result for the Padres on the road after a win against left-handed pitchers. This trend is 134-119-9 since 1996 and stands at 2-9-0 for the current season (81.82%).

8. San Francisco Giants & More:

  • The Giants have a solid 12-3 SU record playing as the away team with a total between 11 and 12 over the past 2 years (80%).
  • Astros showcase an 8-2 SU record when played away after losing game 1 of a series this season (80%).
  • The Yankees are 8-2 SU playing away after a victory over an NL CENTRAL division opponent in the last 2 years (80%).
  • Phillies have been impressive, with an 8-2 SU record playing away after a win against a left-handed pitcher during the current season (80%).

Bettors should always blend these trends with current matchups, player conditions, and other significant factors. Best of luck to all, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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