Cleveland Guardians Trends

MLB Baseball Betting Analysis for Sunday, August 20th, 2023

Dive into today's top trends and stats as you look to make informed decisions for your Sunday games. Here's the breakdown:

Head to Head System Trends

  1. Cleveland's August Dilemma: Playing as the favorite this month, Cleveland doesn't have a favorable record, standing at 3-7 SU and leaning heavily towards the under at 1-9 O/U.
  2. Houston's Strong Stance: With a spread between 160 and 180, whether at home or away, Houston boasts a 7-3 SU record, and it's a high-scoring scenario with 8-2 O/U.
  3. Cincinnati's August Woes: The Reds haven’t found their footing this month, standing at 9-15-1 SU, but tend to stay under with a 5-20 O/U.
  4. Dakota Hudson's Home Advantage: His team has been performing strongly at home with spreads between 140 and 160 (10-3-1 SU and 2-12 O/U) and with totals between 9.5 and 10.0 (9-1-1 SU and 3-8 O/U).
  5. Atlanta's Total Focus: When the total lies between 8.5 and 9.0, they shine at 16-3-1 SU, although the Over/Under is slightly unpredictable at 8-12. They've also dominated at home this August at 12-3 SU and 6-9 O/U.
  6. Texas's Favorite Stance: As home favorites with a total between 8.5 and 9.0, Texas is strong at 16-4 SU and a balanced O/U of 10-7-3.
  7. Baltimore Vs. AL West: When on the road against the AL West, Baltimore surprises with a robust 12-3 SU and an even 8-7 O/U.

Team System Trends

  1. Detroit's Day Out: Their current record when playing as a road team during a day game, being the 4th game of a series, and allowing 3 runs against in their last game is 5-6 SU. They typically stay under with 1-9-1 O/U.
  2. Cleveland's AL Central Play: Playing at home with a total between 7.5 to 8.0 and after a loss to an AL CENTRAL opponent where they allowed 4 runs, they’re at 6-5 SU and 2-9 O/U.
  3. Milwaukee's Day Game Road: With a record of 4-6 SU and 2-8 O/U, they seem to struggle during day games on the road, especially as the 3rd game of a series and allowing 1 run against in their last game.
  4. Baltimore's Winning Streak: Playing against lefties before a conference game and coming off a 2-game winning streak, they have an impressive 8-2 SU and 6-4 O/U.
  5. Chicago Cubs Vs. AL Central: They thrive at home against the AL CENTRAL, especially after a win, with a whopping 13-3 SU and a balanced 9-7 O/U.
  6. Philadelphia's Division Play: On the road against NL EAST opponents, especially after a 3-game over, they've performed well at 8-2 SU with an even O/U of 5-5.

Random System Trends

  1. Houston's Home Favorite: As a -160 to -180 home favorite with a total of 8.5 over the last 2 years, they’re at 8-6 SU but lean heavily towards the over with 12-2 O/U.
  2. Seattle's Road Position: When they are a +140 to +160 road underdog with a total of 8.5, especially as the 3rd game of a series, they lean more towards losses at 6-12 SU but have a strong over record at 15-3 O/U.

Smart Stats System Trends

  1. Toronto's Current Home/Road Play: This season, when they've had 2 consecutive unders, their win rate stands strong at 10-3 SU but they tend to lean heavily under with 1-11-1 O/U.
  2. Cincinnati's Home Performance: In games this season where they lost their last game by 1 run, they’re evenly matched at 5-5 SU, with a pronounced trend towards the under at 2-8 O/U.

The trends and stats provide a great roadmap for understanding team dynamics. Yet, always remember, unforeseen elements like last-minute injuries or changes can have a significant impact on game outcomes. Enjoy the game, and make informed decisions!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Betting can be addictive; please bet responsibly.