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MLB Baseball Betting Trends: Analyzing Favorites, Over/Under, and ATS Performance (06/23/23)

When it comes to MLB baseball betting, understanding the trends and performance of favorites, over/under outcomes, and against the spread (ATS) results can provide valuable insights for bettors. In this article, we analyze the data from various time periods to identify the highlights and lowlights of these betting categories.

Key Findings:
Here are the summarized statistics for favorites, over/under outcomes, and ATS performance across different time ranges:

One Day (1D):

  • Favorites: 75% win rate, signaling a bullish trend.
  • Over/Under: A neutral split, with a 50% chance for both over and under outcomes.
  • ATS: Favorable performance for favorites with a 75% success rate.

Three Days (3D):

  • Favorites: Maintaining a bullish trend with a 71% win rate.
  • Over/Under: Slightly favoring the under outcomes at 53.3%.
  • ATS: Favorites continue to outperform, with a 64% success rate.

Seven Days (7D):

  • Favorites: A bullish trend with a 66% win rate.
  • Over/Under: Neutral split, leaning slightly towards under outcomes at 53.4%.
  • ATS: Maintaining a neutral position, with a 53.1% success rate.

One Month (1M):

  • Favorites: Consistently performing well with a 60.2% win rate.
  • Over/Under: No significant bias, with a neutral split.
  • ATS: Neutral performance, with a 47.5% success rate for favorites.

Two Months (2M):

  • Favorites: Sustaining a bullish trend with a 57.3% win rate.
  • Over/Under: No notable bias, maintaining a neutral split.
  • ATS: Continuing the neutral trend, with a 46% success rate for favorites.

Three Months (3M) and Year-to-Date (YTD):

  • Favorites: Holding steady with a 58.2% win rate, remaining bullish.
  • Over/Under: Neutral split, with a slight leaning towards over outcomes.
  • ATS: Maintaining a neutral position, with a slight edge for favorites at 46.2%.


  • Favorites consistently outperform underdogs in terms of win percentage.
  • Short-term trends show a higher win rate for favorites, potentially providing an edge.
  • Over/Under outcomes tend to be balanced across various time ranges.


  • The Over/Under split does not exhibit a clear bias, making it challenging to identify an edge in this category.
  • ATS performance remains largely neutral, indicating that it may not be a reliable indicator for betting decisions.

Analyzing the performance of favorites, over/under outcomes, and ATS statistics can provide valuable insights for MLB baseball betting. While favorites demonstrate a consistent edge in win percentage, it is crucial to consider additional factors such as team matchups, injuries, and recent form before making betting decisions. By staying informed and conducting thorough research, bettors can increase their chances of making profitable bets in the ever-exciting world of MLB baseball.

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