MLB Trends 091523

MLB Baseball Betting Trends: Friday, September 15th, 2023

Welcome to our Friday breakdown of the MLB betting scene. Today, we are diving deep into the Raymond Report's 80% Club stats to give you the most intriguing trends to consider for tonight's action. Here are some of the standouts:

1. Boston Red Sox: Friday's Favorite

  • When venturing out on Fridays this season, the Red Sox have been nearly impeccable with a 10-1 SU record as the away team (90.91%).

2. Philadelphia Phillies: Struggling Post-Loss

  • Following a 3-run loss in the last two years, the ‘Under' has dominated for the Phillies on the road, standing at 1-10-0 (90.91%).

3. Colorado Rockies: Home Fortress After Big Wins

  • With a 10-1 SU record over the last two years when playing at home after a 4-run victory, the Rockies have showcased their ability to maintain momentum. This extends to an impressive 14-3 SU in the last four years (82.35%) and 18-4 SU in the last five years (81.82%).

4. Los Angeles Dodgers: Bounce Back Potential

  • The Dodgers have been resilient after tough losses, boasting a 10-2 SU record over the last three years when playing away after a 5-run loss. This trend is even sharper over the last two years with a 9-2 SU record (81.82%).

5. Over/Under Insights: Dodgers and Guardians

  • The ‘Over' has landed 10 times out of 12 for the Dodgers as the away team following an ‘Under' result this season (83.33%). This has been a trend for the Dodgers since 1996 with a 254-259-27 record (83.33%).
  • On the flip side, the ‘Under' has dominated for the Guardians at home following a game where they conceded 6 runs, with a current season record of 2-10-0 (83.33%).

6. Houston Astros: String of Low Scores

  • When the Astros play away after three consecutive ‘Under' results, they have shone brightly with a 13-3 SU record over the last three years (81.25%).

7. Other Notable Trends:

  • The Yankees tend to lean towards the ‘Under' when playing away following a 5-run loss, with a record of 2-9-0 over the last three years (81.82%).
  • Friday seems to be a high-scoring day for the Athletics when at home, with the ‘Over' coming in 8 times out of 10 this season (80%).
  • The Guardians, despite a 1-run loss, have shown resilience at home with an 8-2 SU record this season (80%).
  • The Marlins have a strong 8-2 SU record when playing at home after three consecutive ‘Under' results over the last three years (80%).

For bettors, these trends serve as valuable insights. As always, while stats offer patterns, ensure you also consider the day's matchups, player forms, injuries, and other conditions. Wishing you the best of luck and enjoy the games!

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