MLB Trends 091323

MLB Baseball Betting Trends: Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Welcome to our daily breakdown of the MLB betting scene. With baseball in full swing, certain trends have emerged that might be of interest to punters. Here are some of the 80% Club Stats for MLB for today's action:

1. San Francisco Giants: The Over Chase

  • The Giants have a consistent record with the ‘Over' at home following a 2-run loss in the past two years, registering 12-2-0 (85.71%).

2. Cleveland Guardians: Road Trip Blues

  • When playing as an away team following a 6-game road trip in the last four years, the ‘Under' stands at 2-11-0 (84.62%). This trend extends to 3-14-0 in the last five years (82.35%).

3. Minnesota Twins: Home Patterns

  • Since 1996, the Twins have seen the ‘Over' come in at 125-127-8 when playing at home following a game where they conceded exactly 2 runs (83.33%). Just for this season, the record is 10-2-0 (83.33%).

4. Atlanta Braves: Wednesday Winners

  • On Wednesdays, when the Braves play on the road this season, they have an impressive straight-up record of 9-2 (81.82%). Furthermore, they are 8-2 SU when playing as the away team following a game where they conceded 6 runs (80%).

5. Philadelphia Phillies: Dominance at Home Stretch

  • The Phillies are a force to reckon with in the 4th game of a series when played at home, boasting an 18-4 SU record over the past five years (81.82%).

6. Oakland Athletics: Midweek Over Achievers

  • The Athletics have seen the ‘Over' come in 9 times out of 11 (81.82%) when playing on Wednesdays as an away team this season.

7. New York Mets: Wednesday Home Comforts

  • The Mets seem to love their midweek action at home, registering an 8-2 SU record when playing on Wednesdays during the current season (80%).

8. Texas Rangers: Ending the Streak

  • Playing as an away team following a 4-game winning streak has seen the ‘Under' register 3-12-0 for the Rangers in the last six years (80%).

9. Toronto Blue Jays: Bouncing Back at Home

  • Following a loss in Game 2 of a series, the Blue Jays, when playing at home, have an encouraging 8-2 SU record this season (80%).

10. Minnesota Twins and their Victory Celebrations

  • When the Twins play at home following a 1-run victory, their straight-up record for the current season stands at an impressive 9-2 (81.82%).

For bettors, these trends offer a guideline, a pattern. However, always remember to factor in current form, player injuries, and other game-day conditions. Happy punting and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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