MLB Trends 092223

MLB Betting Trends for Friday, September 22nd, 2023: Delving into the Raymond Report’s 80% Club

As the baseball season continues to heat up, the Raymond Report’s 80% Club at ATS Stats serves as a treasure trove for trend enthusiasts. It’s Friday, and that means a fresh set of MLB matchups to dissect. Here’s a glimpse into the top-performing trends that could give you an edge today:

1. Miami's 3-Run Magic
Current Season Trend: The Marlins seem to enjoy a specific scoreline at home. With a 90% win rate (9-1 SU), they've shown strong performances when coming off a game where they scored 3 runs.

2. Cubs' Over-Power at Home
Historical & Current Trends: The Cubs love a high-scoring encounter at Wrigley Field. They have maintained an incredible consistency over various durations with their win rate following three consecutive over games:

  • 83.33% (15-3 SU) in the last 4 years
  • 80% (16-4 SU) over the past 5 years
  • 80% (20-5 SU) in the previous 6 years
  • 80% (8-2 SU) in the last 2 years

3. Rays' Friday Fortress
Current Season Trend: The Rays have been dominant at home on Fridays this season. They've clocked an 83.33% win rate (10-2 SU) on this particular day of the week.

4. Athletics & Diamondbacks: Friday Over Alert
Current Season Trend: When the Athletics play at home on Fridays, the total tends to lean towards the over, as evidenced by their 81.82% rate (9-2-0). Similarly, the Diamondbacks on the road, coming off a win in Game 2 of a series, have seen the over hit at 81.82% (9-2-0) this season.

5. Blue Jays’ Friday Flight
Current and Long-Term Trends: The Blue Jays have been impressive on Fridays when on the road, boasting an 81.82% win rate (9-2 SU) this season. However, the under has been the predominant trend for them historically on Fridays away from home, with an 81.82% rate (171-156-13) since 1996.

6. Historical Over Trend for Diamondbacks
Long-Term Trend: Diamondbacks fans might want to take note. When the team plays away and comes off a win in Game 2 of a series, the over has hit 81.82% of the time (127-144-11) since 1996.

7. White Sox & Blue Jays: Under Watch
Historical Trends: The White Sox, when playing away and coming off a 10-run loss, have seen the under hit at 80% (2-8-0) over the last decade. Similarly, the Blue Jays, when on a 3-game road trip, have hit the under at 80% (2-8-0) in the last 7 years.

8. Padres’ Victory Streak Post 7 Wins
Long-Term Trend: The Padres, when playing at home after 7 consecutive victories, have historically posted an 80% win rate (8-2 SU) since 1996.

In wrapping up, trends offer a unique lens to look through when assessing potential betting opportunities. While past performance isn't always indicative of future results, understanding these patterns provides invaluable insight. Happy betting and enjoy today’s MLB action!

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