baseball betting trends September 21, 2023

MLB Betting Trends for Thursday, September 21st, 2023: Tapping into the 80% Club

For those in the know, Major League Baseball offers ample opportunities to find betting value, especially when we drill down into specific situational trends. As we gear up for another exciting day of baseball action this Thursday, we've picked out the hottest trends currently in play. Welcome to the elite “80% Club” at ATS Stats, where teams display consistency and predictability that’s hard to ignore.

1. Chicago Cubs' Strong Rebound
Historical Trend: The Cubs are showcasing some serious resilience lately. Over the last 10 years, they've posted a stellar 9-1 SU record when playing at home after conceding a whopping 13 runs in their previous outing. That's a commendable 90% win rate under such circumstances.

2. Dodgers' Thursday Thrive
Historical Trend: If there's a day the Dodgers feel most at home, it has to be Thursdays. They’ve dominated in recent years, recording an 83.33% win rate (30-6 SU) over the past 4 years when playing at home on this particular day. Even more impressively, they've maintained an 82.14% win rate (23-5 SU) in the last 3 years alone.

3. Braves Against the Odds
Current Season Trend: It seems the Braves have mastered the art of bouncing back on the road. This season, they've managed a notable 9-2 SU when playing away and coming off a game where they allowed 6 runs. Moreover, they’ve also clocked an 80% win rate (12-3 SU) on the road following a game where they scored 5 runs.

4. Guardians Guard Their Turf
Historical Trend: When the Guardians play host, a losing streak doesn’t dampen their spirits. In the last 7 years, they’ve posted an 81.82% win rate (27-6 SU) when coming off a 3-game losing streak.

5. Orioles Fly High Post-Under
Current Season Trend: For the Orioles, a low-scoring affair seems to be a good omen. They’re posting an 80.95% win rate (17-4 SU) this season when playing away following a game that went under.

6. Rays Shine Brightest During Day Games
Current Season Trend: The Rays have been formidable opponents at home during day games this season. They've locked in an 80.95% win rate (17-4 SU) under the sun.

7. Over/Under Watch for the Braves
Long-Term Trend: A notable statistic for the Braves – since 1996, the over has hit 80% of the time (112-113-6) when they're the away team and coming off a game where they scored 5 runs.

In summary, while trends and stats offer valuable insights, always remember that they're just one piece of the puzzle. Betting is as much about understanding the current team dynamics, injuries, and other factors. But if history is any indicator, today’s games offer some intriguing opportunities for those looking to leverage the power of the “80% Club”. Best of luck!

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