MLB Ratings

MLB Power Ratings Update – May 28, 2024

As we reach the end of May, the MLB season is heating up with teams showing their true colors. Here’s the latest power ratings update based on the Raymond Report data from ATS STATS. This report highlights the top and bottom performers, focusing on their win percentage, strength of schedule (SOS), and recent performance over the last 14 games.

Top Performers:

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (38-17, .690 Winning %, SOS: 43.88, PR: 0.56)
  • The Phillies continue to lead the league with an impressive win percentage and a solid performance against a moderate schedule.
  1. NY Yankees (37-18, .673 Winning %, SOS: 48.56, PR: 0.58)
  • The Yankees maintain their dominance with consistent performance, highlighted by their recent 11-3 streak in the last 14 games.
  1. Baltimore Orioles (34-18, .654 Winning %, SOS: 48.73, PR: 0.57)
  • The Orioles are performing exceptionally well, tackling a relatively tough schedule with a strong win percentage.
  1. Cleveland Indians (36-18, .667 Winning %, SOS: 45.18, PR: 0.56)
  • Cleveland continues to shine, showing great form with a high win percentage and a favorable recent performance.
  1. Kansas City Royals (34-21, .618 Winning %, SOS: 46.57, PR: 0.54)
  • The Royals are on a roll, with a strong showing in the last 14 games, positioning themselves as serious contenders.

Teams on the Rise:

  1. San Francisco Giants (28-27, .509 Winning %, SOS: 48.49, PR: 0.50)
  • The Giants are climbing the rankings with a recent 10-4 streak, demonstrating their potential against a moderate schedule.
  1. San Diego Padres (29-28, .509 Winning %, SOS: 51.40, PR: 0.51)
  • The Padres are showing resilience, with a balanced win-loss record and a notable recent performance.


  1. Chicago White Sox (15-40, .273 Winning %, SOS: 56.43, PR: 0.42)
  • The White Sox continue to struggle significantly, with a tough schedule further impacting their performance.
  1. Miami Marlins (19-36, .345 Winning %, SOS: 50.75, PR: 0.43)
  • The Marlins are finding it hard to convert games into wins, despite a mid-level strength of schedule.
  1. Texas Rangers (25-29, .463 Winning %, SOS: 49.37, PR: 0.48)
  • The Rangers are having a challenging season, reflected in their low win rate and struggles against their opponents.

Power Rating Table (Top and Bottom 5):

RankTeamRecordWin %SOS %PR
1Philadelphia Phillies38-17.69043.880.56
2NY Yankees37-18.67348.560.58
3Baltimore Orioles34-18.65448.730.57
4Cleveland Indians36-18.66745.180.56
5Kansas City Royals34-21.61846.570.54
26Texas Rangers25-29.46349.370.48
27Miami Marlins19-36.34550.750.43
28Oakland Athletics22-33.40051.650.46
29Chicago White Sox15-40.27356.430.42
30Toronto Blue Jays24-29.45352.490.49


The MLB season is unfolding with exciting performances from top teams like the Phillies, Yankees, and Orioles, who are leading with strong records and impressive power ratings. On the flip side, teams like the White Sox and Marlins need to find a way to turn their seasons around. The next few weeks will be crucial as teams continue to adapt and strive for better performances. Keep an eye on these trends as the season progresses!