MLB Betting Trends

MLB Sports Betting Trends: Phillies 90% Winning Angle!

Sports betting enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest trends to help them make informed decisions when placing their wagers. Whether you're betting on baseball, football, basketball, or any other sport, understanding the various systems and trends can provide you with valuable insights into the game. In this article, we'll explore some of the most relevant trends from the Head-to-Head System, Team System, Random System, and Smart Stats System, using the stats below.

Head-to-Head System Trends

When Nestor Cortes Jr.'s Team played as Home or Away Team- With a spread between 160 and 180

  • W-L Records: 7-3-1
  • O/U Records: 2-8-1

When CINCINNATI played as Road Underdog- Vs NL CENTRAL

  • W-L Records: 1-9-0
  • O/U Records: 2-8-0

The Head-to-Head System compares the performance of two teams in previous games. The stats above show that Nestor Cortes Jr.'s team has a strong record when playing at home or away with a spread between 160 and 180. On the other hand, the Cincinnati team has struggled as a road underdog when playing against NL Central.

Team System Trends

When PHILADELPHIA team played as a Home team – During a night game – Vs NL WEST opponent – Coming off a 2 game under – Allowed 2 runs AGAINST in their last game

  • W-L Records: 10-1-0
  • O/U Records: 7-4-0

When NY YANKEES team played as a Home team – Total is between 8.5 to 9.0 – After a conference game – Coming off a 1 run win – Scored 3 or less runs FOR in their last game

  • W-L Records: 12-2-0
  • O/U Records: 8-6-0

The Team System examines the performance of a specific team in various situations. The stats above show that the Philadelphia team has an impressive record when playing at home during a night game against NL West opponent coming off a 2 game under and allowing 2 runs against in their last game. Additionally, the New York Yankees have a strong record when playing at home with a total between 8.5 to 9.0 after a conference game and coming off a 1 run win while scoring 3 or less runs for in their last game.

Random System Trends

When BOSTON team Played as a -300 or more Home Favorite – During a day game – After a conference game

  • W-L Records: 12-3
  • O/U Records: 10-5-0

When SAN DIEGO team Played as a -120 to -140 Road Favorite – Playing in April – After a non-division game

  • W-L Records: 11-2
  • O/U Records: 8-5-0
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