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NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers Hitting 71% After a Lost

MLB Picks

The National League West presents a fascinating landscape of baseball performances, where each team shows unique tendencies in post-win and post-loss scenarios. Analyzing these patterns offers bettors a clearer picture of where to place their bets effectively. This article will delve into each team's performance straight up (SU), against the spread (ATS), and over/under (O/U) post-win (COW) and post-loss (COL).

San Francisco Giants: Finding Form Post-Loss
The Giants struggle significantly post-win, with only a 20% SU success rate and 33.33% ATS, suggesting difficulty in sustaining momentum. However, their post-loss scenario paints a slightly better picture with a 57.14% SU win rate and 52.38% ATS. This resilience shows potential value in backing the Giants in a rebound situation, especially given their 60% over performance post-win.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Dominance and Resilience
The Dodgers exhibit strong performance metrics with a 60.87% SU win rate post-win and an equally robust 60.87% in over scenarios, highlighting their consistent play and scoring. Post-loss, their strength shines even brighter with an impressive 71.43% SU win rate and 64.29% ATS, making them a reliable bet in bounce-back games despite a lower over/under post-loss performance at 42.86%.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Struggles and Occasional Surprises
With a post-win SU win rate of only 21.43% and a dismal 28.57% ATS, the Diamondbacks show they often falter after victories. However, their post-loss statistics improve to a 57.14% SU win rate, indicating a better performance in recovery situations, which could offer hidden value for bettors looking at upset potential.

Colorado Rockies: A Rocky Road
The Rockies' performance is concerning, with a 0% SU win rate post-win, underscoring their challenges in capitalizing on previous successes. However, their post-loss SU win rate of 29.63% and a relatively higher ATS of 48.15% suggest a slightly better, though still risky, betting prospect in games following a loss, especially with their over performance at 55.56%.

San Diego Padres: The Middle Ground
The Padres show more balanced figures with a 44.44% SU win rate post-win and a slightly better 55% post-loss. Their ATS performance is more favorable post-win at 61.11%, suggesting proficiency in covering the spread even in losses. This makes them a potentially safer bet for spread bettors after both wins and losses.

The National League West teams exhibit varied capabilities in sustaining or bouncing back from previous game outcomes. The Dodgers and Padres present themselves as more stable options for bettors, whereas the Giants and Diamondbacks offer interesting scenarios in post-loss recoveries. The Rockies, despite their struggles, might be considered under specific conditions, particularly in over scenarios post-loss. Bettors should use these insights to strategize their bets based on historical performance trends and the specific circumstances surrounding each game.

Note: This analysis is tailored for the sophisticated audience of ATS STATS, crafted by Ron Raymond, a professional sports handicapper. It leverages detailed statistical data to aid bettors in making informed decisions, urging a strategic approach to betting in the MLB National League West division.