CFL Week 9 Power Ratings

Ron Raymond’s CFL Power Ratings: Week 9 Preview

As we wrap up week 8 of the Canadian Football League (CFL), the power ratings have been shuffled once again. Factoring in each team's overall win-loss record, strength of schedule (SOS), and their performance over the last three and seven games, let's see how the rankings currently look:

Ron Raymond's CFL Week 9 Power Ratings

  1. Toronto Argonauts
    Toronto maintains an untarnished record with 6 wins and no losses both on the season and winning 31-13 over the Roughriders in the Battle of Touchdown Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They also hold a perfect record in their last three games, supporting their high power rating of 0.72. With no signs of slowing down, they remain the team to beat.
  2. British Columbia Lions
    The Lions have had an impressive season with a 6-1 record and won 27-0 vs. the Elks on Saturday night in Edmonton. Despite facing a tougher schedule, they continue to deliver, boasting a power rating of 0.64. Their recent performance is even more impressive with a 3-0 win record in their last three games, which has pushed their power rating up to 0.56.
  3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    Coming off a Bye in Week 8, the Blue Bombers find themselves in third place with a respectable 5-2 record for the season and their last seven games. Their performance in the last three games is equally impressive, going 2-1. With a current power rating of 0.57, they're well positioned heading into week 9.
  4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    The Tiger-Cats are holding steady with a 3-4 record for the season and their last seven games. They've shown resilience with a 2-1 record in their last three games and winning Friday night in Ottawa with a 16-12 defensive battle over the Redblacks. Their current power rating sits at 0.51, a testament to their strength despite a challenging schedule.
  5. Montreal Alouettes
    Sporting a 50-50 win-loss record both for the season and their last six games, the Alouettes have shown their mettle. They have faced tough competition, with a high SOS of 61.91%. Despite a slight setback in their last three games (1-2), their power rating stands at 0.56, with a 25-18 win at home Sunday night over the Stamps.
  6. Ottawa Redblacks
    Tough loss Friday night for the Redblacks, as they lost 16-12 to the Tiger Cats but with a 3-4 record on the season and in the last seven games, the Redblacks are balancing on the edge. Their last three games have yielded better results (2-1), improving their recent power rating to 0.61, compared to their overall rating of 0.40.
  7. Saskatchewan Roughriders
    Matching the Redblacks' record, the Roughriders also stand at a 3-4 win-loss ratio for the season and their last seven games. However, they have had a tougher time recently and losing to the #1 team in the CFL over the weekend in the Battle of Touchdown Atlantic, are now winless in their last three games, which has led to a decline in their power rating to 0.39.
  8. Calgary Stampeders
    Despite a challenging season with a 2-5 record, the Stampeders have managed to keep their power rating at 0.41. However, their recent games have been a struggle (1-2) and a 25-18 lost in Montreal Sunday night to the Alouettes, their power rating for these last 3 games has dipped to 0.33.
  9. Edmonton Elks
    It has been a tough season for the Elks, who are yet to secure their first win, with a 0-8 record and a 27-0 lost to the Lions on Saturday night at Commonwealth Stadium. Their recent performance mirrors their overall season, as they remain winless in their last three and seven games. With the lowest power ratings in the league, they hold an overall P R of 0.32 and 0.39 for their last three games.

Let's wrap up the power ratings preview with a look at the schedule for week 9:

  • BC Lions at Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Thursday, August 3rd): With both teams showing strong performances recently, this game is bound to be an exciting face-off. The Lions will have to push hard to take down the Blue Bombers on their home turf.
  • Toronto Argonauts at Calgary Stampeders (Friday, August 4th): This game puts the league-leading Argonauts against the struggling Stampeders. Can Calgary step up their game to challenge the undefeated Argonauts?
  • Montreal Alouettes at Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Saturday, August 5th): This match-up presents a chance for both teams to improve their standing. Will the Alouettes find consistency, or will the Tiger-Cats seize the opportunity to climb the ranks?
  • Ottawa Redblacks at Saskatchewan Roughriders (Sunday, August 6th): Both teams share similar records, making this a crucial game for each side. The Roughriders will be looking to break their recent losing streak while the Redblacks aim to build on their recent successes.

As we gear up for week 9, there's a promise of thrilling games and potential upsets. The CFL landscape could shift significantly, so keep an eye out for the next power ranking updates!

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