MLB Power Ratings

Ron Raymond’s Free MLB Power Ratings Update – May 13, 2024

As the MLB season pushes into mid-May, let’s look at the power ratings that highlight both dominant teams and those struggling despite their efforts. Here’s a glimpse at the top and bottom performers based on Power Ratings (PR), which consider their win percentage, strength of schedule, and current form.

Top 5 Performers:

  1. Baltimore Orioles (26-13, .667 Winning %, SOS: 50.84, PR: 0.59) – The Orioles are excelling with a solid win rate while navigating one of the tougher schedules, making their high performance particularly notable.
  2. Philadelphia Phillies (28-13, .683 Winning %, SOS: 42.06, PR: 0.55) – Leading with the best record in the league, the Phillies are making the most of a comparatively moderate schedule.
  3. NY Yankees (27-15, .643 Winning %, SOS: 47.70, PR: 0.56) – Showcasing their perennial prowess, the Yankees are upholding a strong winning percentage against a mid-range schedule.
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers (27-15, .643 Winning %, SOS: 48.72, PR: 0.57) – Consistently powerful, the Dodgers continue to be formidable contenders with a solid track record this season.
  5. Minnesota Twins (24-16, .600 Winning %, SOS: 49.63, PR: 0.55) – The Twins are surging, highlighted by their stellar performance in the last 14 games (11-3), showcasing their capacity to contend seriously.

Bottom 5 Teams:

  1. Miami Marlins (11-31, .262 Winning %, SOS: 51.80, PR: 0.39) – Struggling significantly, the Marlins are unable to capitalize even with a mid-level schedule strength.
  2. Colorado Rockies (12-28, .300 Winning %, SOS: 48.25, PR: 0.39) – The Rockies are failing to convert games into wins despite not having the most challenging schedule.
  3. Chicago White Sox (12-29, .293 Winning %, SOS: 55.81, PR: 0.43) – Even facing one of the toughest schedules in the league, the White Sox’s struggles are pronounced, highlighting major areas for improvement.
  4. Los Angeles Angels (15-26, .366 Winning %, SOS: 53.66, PR: 0.45) – Despite facing a challenging set of opponents, the Angels’ performance is below expectations.
  5. Houston Astros (15-25, .375 Winning %, SOS: 55.01, PR: 0.46) – The Astros are grappling with a tough schedule, reflecting in their less-than-stellar league standing.

This season showcases a dynamic array of outcomes, with teams like Baltimore and Philadelphia exploiting their schedules effectively, while others like the White Sox and Rockies falter under the pressure. As the season progresses, it will be intriguing to see if these trends hold or if the underperforming teams can turn their fortunes around.

Stay tuned as the season unfolds, keeping an eye on the shifting dynamics and the potential rise or fall of teams based on their ability to manage the challenges posed by their schedules and opponents.