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Ron Raymond’s MLB Power Ratings for June 18th, 2024

As the MLB season heats up, teams are jockeying for position and looking to make a push as the summer progresses. Here's an in-depth look at the latest power ratings, showcasing the top performers, rising stars, and teams facing challenges based on the Raymond Report data from ATS STATS.

#### Top Performers:

1. **Baltimore Orioles (47-24, .662 Winning %, SOS: 50.14, PR: 0.58)**

   – Baltimore continues to dominate with a high winning percentage and a robust power rating, maintaining their top position.

2. **NY Yankees (50-24, .676 Winning %, SOS: 49.63, PR: 0.59)**

   – The Yankees are a powerhouse, showcasing consistency and strength against a solid schedule.

3. **Philadelphia Phillies (48-24, .667 Winning %, SOS: 47.04, PR: 0.57)**

   – The Phillies remain a strong contender, performing exceptionally well despite facing a challenging schedule.

4. **Seattle Mariners (43-31, .581 Winning %, SOS: 49.01, PR: 0.54)**

   – Seattle is climbing the ranks with a solid performance and a strong power rating.

5. **Milwaukee Brewers (42-30, .583 Winning %, SOS: 49.81, PR: 0.54)**

   – The Brewers continue to show resilience, maintaining a high power rating and competing well against their schedule.

#### Rising Stars:

1. **Houston Astros (33-39, .458 Winning %, SOS: 50.60, PR: 0.48)**

   – The Astros are improving, showing potential for a strong second half of the season.

2. **NY Mets (34-37, .479 Winning %, SOS: 51.64, PR: 0.50)**

   – The Mets are making significant strides, climbing the rankings with recent strong performances.

3. **Washington Nationals (35-36, .493 Winning %, SOS: 50.42, PR: 0.50)**

   – Washington is on the rise, bolstered by a strong recent performance and a manageable schedule.

#### Underperformers:

1. **Chicago White Sox (19-54, .260 Winning %, SOS: 55.07, PR: 0.41)**

   – The White Sox are struggling significantly, facing a tough schedule and struggling to secure wins.

2. **Miami Marlins (23-49, .320 Winning %, SOS: 50.63, PR: 0.41)**

   – Miami is having a tough season, reflected in their low win rate and challenging strength of schedule.

3. **Oakland Athletics (26-48, .351 Winning %, SOS: 51.90, PR: 0.44)**

   – Oakland continues to face difficulties, impacted by a demanding schedule and poor performance.

Power Rating Table (Top and Bottom 5):

RankTeamRecordWin %SOS %PR
1Baltimore Orioles47-24.66250.140.58
2NY Yankees50-24.67649.630.59
3Philadelphia Phillies48-24.66747.040.57
4Seattle Mariners43-31.58149.010.54
5Milwaukee Brewers42-30.58349.810.54
26Texas Rangers33-39.45848.710.47
27Oakland Athletics26-48.35151.900.44
28Chicago Cubs34-39.46648.760.48
29Miami Marlins23-49.32050.630.41
30Chicago White Sox19-54.26055.070.41


The Orioles, Yankees, and Phillies continue to lead the league with their impressive records and strong power ratings. The Mariners and Brewers are also showing consistent performance and maintaining their top positions. On the other hand, the White Sox, Marlins, and Athletics are struggling, with their power ratings reflecting their ongoing challenges.

As we move further into the season, it will be crucial to watch how these teams adapt and whether their power ratings shift based on their performance trends and the strength of their opponents. Keep an eye on the rising stars like the Astros and Mets, who are showing promise and could make significant moves in the coming weeks.