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Ron Raymond’s MLB Power Ratings Update – May 6, 2024

As Major League Baseball progresses into May, teams are shaping their destinies for the season, with some clearly pulling ahead while others struggle to find their rhythm. The latest MLB Power Ratings reflect these shifts, focusing on team performance, strength of schedule (SOS), and overall power ratings (PR).

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Top Performers:

  • Philadelphia Phillies (24-11, .686 Winning %, SOS: 42.96, PR: 0.56) – Leading the charge with stellar performance, blending a high winning percentage with a favorable strength of schedule.
  • Baltimore Orioles (23-11, .676 Winning %, SOS: 51.52, PR: 0.60) – Standing out with an excellent win rate while facing some of the toughest opponents, marking them as true contenders this season.

Strong Contenders:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (23-13, .639 Winning %, SOS: 49.87, PR: 0.57) – Consistently performing at a high level against a competitive schedule, showcasing their potential to sustain success.
  • NY Yankees (23-13, .639 Winning %, SOS: 49.24, PR: 0.57) – Maintaining strength with a robust win rate, taking on a challenging set of opponents with effective gameplay.

Teams to Watch:

  • Cleveland Guardians (22-12, .647 Winning %, SOS: 48.95, PR: 0.57) – Exhibiting solid performance with a significant winning percentage, managing a moderately tough schedule well.
  • Milwaukee Brewers (20-13, .606 Winning %, SOS: 52.93, PR: 0.57) – Demonstrating resilience and competitive prowess, especially against a notably tough schedule.


  • Chicago White Sox (8-26, .235 Winning %, SOS: 56.06, PR: 0.40) – The toughest schedule is taking its toll, significantly impacting their ability to secure wins.
  • Colorado Rockies (8-26, .235 Winning %, SOS: 47.70, PR: 0.36) – Struggling to turn games around despite a slightly below-average strength of schedule, their performance remains wanting.

Emerging Concerns:

  • Los Angeles Angels (12-22, .353 Winning %, SOS: 54.96, PR: 0.45) – Facing difficulties despite a challenging schedule, which is further complicating their season.
  • Houston Astros (12-22, .353 Winning %, SOS: 55.01, PR: 0.45) – Not faring well and consistently underperforming, especially given one of the tougher schedules in the league.

As the MLB season unfolds, monitoring how these teams adjust to their challenges and leverage their strengths will be key. The coming weeks are crucial for those in contention to solidify their standings or for underperformers to stage a comeback. Keep an eye on these developments for more insights into the potential playoff landscapes!