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Today’s Top Baseball Betting System: Sides and Totals Picks (07/01/23)

In the world of sports betting, having a reliable system can greatly enhance your chances of success. Today, we'll be sharing some valuable insights into the current baseball season and highlighting specific trends and statistics that can help you make informed wagers on sides and totals. By focusing on road teams, specific matchups, recent performance, and other key factors, we aim to provide you with a winning edge in your baseball betting endeavors.

What is a SYSTEM PICK?

A system play in sports betting refers to a strategy based on analyzing trends and patterns across multiple teams or games. It focuses on recurring situations to identify profitable opportunities. By considering how various teams perform in similar circumstances, system plays provide a systematic approach with credibility derived from consistent results. While not foolproof, they offer valuable insights for informed betting decisions.

Here are Today's System Plays (07/01/23):

  1. Road Teams (SD) Coming off 5 Overs in MLB:
    When road teams (specifically San Diego) are coming off five consecutive overs in Major League Baseball this season, the road teams have an impressive 11-4 straight-up (SU) record. This trend suggests that road teams may carry the momentum from high-scoring games, making them favorable picks in subsequent matchups.
  2. Road Teams (CWS & LAD) against Opponents with 21% to 30% Win Percentage:
    When road teams (Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers) face opponents with a win percentage between 21% and 30% this season, the road teams boast a remarkable 55-25 SU record. This statistic indicates that these road teams tend to capitalize on weaker opponents, making them attractive selections for your wagers.
  3. Road Teams (CLE) Coming off a 9-Run Loss:
    When road teams (Cleveland) are coming off a significant 9-run loss in their previous game, the under has hit in 4 out of 14 cases (4-9-1) for the road team in the following contest. This trend suggests that teams may exhibit tighter defense and lower-scoring games after a demoralizing loss, making the under a potential profitable option.
  4. MLB Team (-140 to -160) Home Favorites (TOR):
    Over the last three years, when any MLB team (Toronto) is a home favorite with odds ranging from -140 to -160, playing against a division opponent in the second game of a series after a loss in the first game, the home favorite has an impressive 18-3 SU record. This trend indicates that these teams often bounce back strongly, making them strong candidates for your wagering consideration.
  5. MLB Team (MIN) as Road Team against Right-Handed Pitchers:
    When any MLB team (Minnesota) plays as a road team on a Saturday against right-handed pitchers, after scoring 8 or more runs in their previous game, coming off a road win as an underdog and a win against an AL East opponent, the under has hit in 13 out of 16 cases (3-13-0) for the road team. This trend suggests that such teams may experience difficulty replicating high-scoring performances, resulting in lower-scoring games.
  6. MLB Team (BAL) as Home Favorite:
    When any MLB team (Baltimore) plays as a home favorite against conference opponents, in the second game of a series, after a non-division game, following a loss against an AL Central opponent, after a home loss, and amid a three-game losing streak, the home favorite (Baltimore) has an impressive 45-11 SU record. This trend highlights the resilience of these teams, making them strong picks in this specific scenario.
  7. MLB Team (CHC) as Home Favorite in July:
    When any MLB team (Chicago Cubs) plays as a home favorite in the second game of a series during the month of July, after a home win as a favorite, allowing only one run against in their last game, and coming off a game with only one over, the under has hit in 19 out of 19 cases (3-14-2) for the home favorite (Chicago Cubs). This trend suggests that these games tend to be low-scoring affairs, making the under a viable betting option.
  8. MLB Team (CHC) as Home Favorite against AL Central:
    When any MLB team (Chicago Cubs) plays as a home favorite against an AL Central opponent, in the second game of a series against a non-division opponent, coming off a 4-game home stand, and facing a right-handed pitcher, the home favorite (Chicago Cubs) has an impressive 20-4 SU record. This trend indicates that these teams often thrive in this specific matchup, making them strong contenders for your wagers.

By utilizing these trends and statistics, you can enhance your sports betting strategy when it comes to sides and totals in baseball. Remember, while these trends can provide valuable insights, they should not be the sole basis for your wagers. Combine them with thorough research, analysis, and consideration of other relevant factors to make well-informed betting decisions. Good luck!

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