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Weekend Betting Breakdown: Latest Shifts in NFL, CFB, and MLB Odds


As sports bettors know, every game is a new narrative. Through the lens of the Sports Betting Index data (SBI) of the Raymond Report at ATS STATS, this analysis dives deep into the nuances of NFL, CFB, and MLB betting patterns, with a special focus on the most recent week. This side-by-side comparison provides a richer understanding of the evolving dynamics of the sports betting world.

NFL (National Football League)

Favorites vs. Underdogs (Straight Up – SU)
  • Season's Best for Favorites: Week 4 saw the top performance at 75%.
  • Latest Update: Week 5 favored the underdogs a tad more at 46.2% compared to previous weeks.
  • The Underdog’s Day: Although they’ve maintained a subdued presence throughout, Week 5 was relatively fruitful for underdog bettors.
Overs and Unders (OU)
  • Season's Over Peak: Week 2 was the hotspot for ‘overs' at 81.3%.
  • Latest Snapshot: Week 5 leaned towards the ‘unders' at a significant 61.5%.
Against the Spread (ATS)
  • Across the season, Week 3 was the zenith for favorites in the ATS domain at 68.8%.
  • Current Pulse: Week 5 saw an equilibrium with both favorites and underdogs balanced at 46.2%.

CFB (College Football)

Favorites vs. Underdogs (SU)
  • The Favorite Frontrunner: Week 2 was monumental for favorites at an 86.4% win rate.
  • Weekend Glimpse: Week 7 had the favorites still strong at 68.8%, though not as dominant as some previous weeks.
Overs and Unders (OU)
  • Highlight: Week 6’s overs stood out at 63.8%.
  • The Latest Score: Week 7 was almost evenly split, with ‘overs' slightly ahead at 52.1%.
Against the Spread (ATS)
  • Historically, underdogs stole the show in Week 1 with a 71.4% trend ATS.
  • Recent Revelations: Week 7 showed a neck-and-neck race with underdogs slightly edging out at 50%.

MLB Baseball

Favorites vs. Underdogs (SU)
  • Across the Board: Favorites shined at the 1 Month mark with a 54% rate.
  • Last Call: The latest 1D data brought a twist with underdogs taking the complete lead at 100%.
Overs and Unders (OU)
  • Highlight of the Season: The ‘overs' hit a home run in the 1D range with a 100% occurrence.
  • Current Ballgame: Over the recent 7D period, the unders had a slight advantage at 56.3%.
Against the Spread (ATS)
  • Season's Standout: The 1 Day range previously gave underdogs a full spotlight at 100%.
  • Latest Innings: The 7D stats leaned bearish for favorites with a 63% trend in favor of underdogs.

Market’s Pulse

Contextual ratings for the trends:

  • Bullish Territory: Ranges between 57.2% and 100%.
  • Neutral Ground: Holds between 42.8% to 57.1%.
  • Bearish Zone: Lies within 0% and 42.7%.

Wrapping Up

The sports betting arena is akin to a grand chessboard, with each week presenting its unique moves and strategies. The recent week has had its fair share of surprises, underlining the ever-evolving nature of sports betting. For bettors, it's not just about riding the wave, but understanding the tides. This juxtaposition of trends, comparing the season’s highs and lows with the latest week, offers a richer, nuanced perspective, guiding both seasoned bettors and novices in making informed decisions. In this game, the informed player is the king.

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