Top 25 Handicapping spots


In the world of sports betting, each game offers a unique opportunity for bettors to analyze and potentially profit from. The ATS STATS top 25 sports betting options for Monday, December 11th, offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of situational handicapping. These options are primarily focused on the NBA, providing a detailed look at various teams and their current standings.

  1. Philadelphia vs. Washington: Philadelphia (A) is a strong favorite with -12 odds against Washington (C). With a total of 244.5, Philadelphia shows a remarkable 81.82% in the COW (Chance of Winning) index and a 6 game Over (O) streak. Their performance is stable both at home (8-3) and away (6-4).
  2. Indiana at Detroit: Indiana (B) has -7 odds in their matchup against Detroit (C), with a total of 241.5. They have a 50% win rate against B teams and a solid 81.25% COW.
  3. Sacramento vs. Brooklyn: Sacramento (A) is at -4.5 odds against Brooklyn (B), indicating a relatively balanced game with a total of 230.5. Sacramento’s 64.29% COW and recent ATS win suggest a competitive edge.
  4. Charlotte vs. Miami: Charlotte (C) is an underdog with +3.5 odds against Miami (B). Their lower COW of 36.36% reflects their challenging situation, despite a recent ATS win.
  5. Portland at LA Clippers: Portland (C) faces a tough game with +8.5 odds against the LA Clippers (B). Their low 16.67% COW and 3 consecutive SU losses highlight their current struggles.
  6. New Orleans vs. Minnesota: New Orleans (B) has -4 odds against Minnesota (A). With a 72.13% COW, they seem well-positioned, despite a recent ATS loss.
  7. Denver at Atlanta: Denver (A) is slightly favored with -2.5 odds against Atlanta (C). Their 50% COW suggests a balanced contest.
  8. Utah at Oklahoma: Utah (C) faces a challenging game with +12.5 odds against Oklahoma (A). Their low 11.11% COW and 2 ATS losses indicate a tough road ahead.
  9. New York vs. Toronto: New York (B) has a solid -4 odds against Toronto (C), backed by an 84.09% COW and a 4 game Over streak.
  10. Dallas at Memphis: Dallas (A) is slightly favored with -1.5 odds against Memphis (C). Both teams show competitive COW percentages, indicating a close matchup.
  11. Memphis vs. Dallas: Memphis (C) is the underdog with +1.5 odds against Dallas (A), reflecting their lower COW of 24.14%.
  12. Chicago at Milwaukee: Chicago (C) faces a significant challenge with +11.5 odds against Milwaukee (A). Their 18.39% COW and 4 ATS wins show potential despite the odds.
  13. Oklahoma vs. Utah: Oklahoma (A) has strong -12.5 odds against Utah (C), supported by an 82.14% COW.
  14. Houston vs. San Antonio: Houston (B) is favored with -4.5 odds against San Antonio (C), indicating a higher probability of success with a 63.33% COW.
  15. Minnesota at New Orleans: Minnesota (A) is an underdog with +4 odds against New Orleans (B). Their high COW of 31.4% and a 6 game SU win streak make them a team to watch.
  16. Milwaukee vs. Chicago: Milwaukee (A) is strongly favored with -11.5 odds against Chicago (C). Their high 80.95% COW reflects their strength.
  17. Orlando vs. Cleveland: Orlando (A) has a slight edge with -1.5 odds against Cleveland (B). Their COW of 46.88% suggests a balanced game.
  18. Brooklyn at Sacramento: Brooklyn (B) is at +4.5 odds against Sacramento (A). Their 40.32% COW and 3 ATS wins make them a competitive underdog.
  19. Cleveland at Orlando: Cleveland (B) is an underdog with +1.5 odds against Orlando (A), but their 45.7% COW indicates a close match.
  20. LA Clippers vs. Portland: LA Clippers (B) are strong favorites with -8.5 odds against Portland (C). Their 72.97% COW suggests a higher chance of victory.
  21. Washington at Philadelphia: Washington (C) has long +12 odds against Philadelphia (A). Their low 18.18% COW and 4 SU losses highlight their underdog status.
  22. Detroit vs. Indiana: Detroit (C) is an underdog with +7 odds against Indiana (B). Their 18.75% COW reflects their challenging position.
  23. San Antonio at Houston: San Antonio (C) has +4.5 odds against Houston (B). Their 31.4% COW and 16 SU losses show they are facing a tough opponent.
  24. Toronto at New York: Toronto (C) is at +4 odds against New York (B), with a 15% COW indicating an uphill battle.
  25. Miami at Charlotte: Miami (B) is favored with -3.5 odds against Charlotte (C). Their 67.57% COW suggests they have a better chance of winning.

In conclusion, this lineup offers a mix of clear favorites, potential upsets, and closely matched games, providing bettors with a range of options to consider based on the team's situational handicapping spots. Remember, betting involves risk, and it's important to bet responsibly and within your means.