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Daily Sports Betting Index Report: NBA & NHL Markets – March 10, 2024

Dive into today's sports betting climate with a detailed analysis of the NBA and NHL markets. Here's what the numbers are saying:

NBA Market Analysis:

  • Straight Up (SU):
  • 1-Day: Favorites at 57%, marking a Neutral market.
  • 7-Day: A Bullish trend with favorites winning 59.9%.
  • 1-Month: Continues bullish at 69.1%.
  • Over/Under (O/U):
  • 1-Day: 71% OVER, indicating a Bullish sentiment.
  • 7-Day: Also Bullish on OVER at 59.1%.
  • 1-Month: Moves to Neutral with 52.7% OVER.
  • Against The Spread (ATS):
  • 1-Day: An even Neutral split at 57% for favorites.
  • 7-Day: Shifts to Bearish with favorites covering 42.7%.
  • 1-Month: Returns to Neutral at 51.4%.

NHL Market Insights:

  • Straight Up (SU):
  • 1-Day: A strong Bullish stance with favorites winning 77%.
  • 7-Day: Remains Bullish at 65.7%.
  • 1-Month: Favorites winning 63.2%, still Bullish.
  • Over/Under (O/U):
  • 1-Day: Bearish with 31% OVER.
  • 7-Day: Levels out to Neutral at 45.3% OVER.
  • 1-Month: Maintains Neutral with 45.8% OVER.
  • Against The Spread (ATS):
  • 1-Day: Favorites covering 62%, Bullish.
  • 7-Day: Evens out to Neutral at 44.4%.
  • 1-Month: Trends Bearish with favorites covering 39.8%.

Market Sentiment Summary:

  • The NBA market shows a strong preference for the OVER in the short term but moderates to a more balanced approach in ATS betting over a month.
  • The NHL betting landscape indicates a robust bullish trend for favorites in SU markets, with the O/U market showing a neutral to bearish trend in scoring and a cautious approach in ATS betting over the longer term.


  • NBA bettors are riding a bullish wave on OVER bets, while SU and ATS show more balanced markets over the longer term.
  • NHL markets show confidence in favorites and a conservative stance on OVER/UNDER bets, with a noteworthy cautious trend in ATS over the month.

Stay ahead of the game with these insights, and tailor your betting strategies for success in today's NBA and NHL markets.