How NBA Teams Perform on Different Days of Rest

Rest is an essential aspect of any professional sport, and the NBA is no exception. Teams' performances can vary greatly depending on the amount of rest they have, with some teams thriving on shorter rest periods, while others struggle.

In this article, we will analyze how NBA teams perform on varying days of rest, focusing on their win-loss records, performance against the spread (ATS), and over/under (O/U) results.

1 Day Rest:

The Boston Celtics lead the league with a 34-13 straight-up (SU) record on one day of rest, followed closely by the Milwaukee Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers at 33-15 SU. These three teams are also competitive ATS, with the Cavaliers standing out with a 27-19 ATS record. Interestingly, the Orlando Magic perform exceptionally well ATS on one day rest, with a 29-20 record, despite their 24-26 SU record.

When it comes to over/under results, the Toronto Raptors have the most games going over with a 29-20-0 O/U record. However, the Brooklyn Nets have the most games going under, with a 15-27-1 O/U record.

2 Day Rest:

The Denver Nuggets shine with two days rest, boasting a 7-2 SU and 5-3 ATS record. However, the Dallas Mavericks struggle in this situation, with a 5-9 SU and a dismal 2-10 ATS record.

The Phoenix Suns have the highest over rate on two days rest with an 8-5-0 O/U record, while the New Orleans Pelicans have the most games going under, with a 4-11-0 O/U record.

Back-to-Back Games:

The Milwaukee Bucks dominate in back-to-back games, with a 9-1 SU and a perfect 8-0 ATS record. However, the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks struggle in this scenario, both with a 2-9 SU record.

The Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic lead the league in games going over in back-to-back situations, with 8-2-0 and 7-5-0 O/U records, respectively. The Philadelphia 76ers have the most games going under, with a 3-8-0 O/U record.

3 Games in 4 Nights:

The Philadelphia 76ers excel when playing three games in four nights, with an impressive 13-2 SU and 12-3 ATS record. In contrast, the Detroit Pistons have a tough time in this situation, with a 3-19 SU and 9-11 ATS record.

The Denver Nuggets have a high over rate in this scenario, with a 12-3-0 O/U record. Conversely, the Atlanta Hawks have the most games going under, with a 13-4-0 O/U record.

NBA teams' performances can be heavily influenced by their rest schedules, with some teams thriving on specific days of rest, while others falter. As a sports bettor, understanding these trends can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions when placing your bets.