NBA Power Ratings

NBA Daily Free Power Ratings – January 11th, 2024

As we head into today's NBA action, let's delve into the power ratings and strength of schedule (SOS) over the last 14 games to identify teams that stand out for their market value this Thursday, January 11th, 2024.

Dominant Forces:

  1. Boston Celtics (29-8 W-L, PR: 0.65, Last 14 SOS: 49.49%): The Celtics' impressive win-loss record, combined with a top power rating, demonstrates their dominance. Despite a moderately challenging schedule, they continue to excel, making them a reliable pick.
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves (26-11 W-L, PR: 0.62, Last 14 SOS: 55.10%): Minnesota’s strong performance, especially against tougher opponents, highlights their resilience. Their power rating reflects their ability to overcome challenges.
  3. Milwaukee Bucks (25-12 W-L, PR: 0.57, Last 14 SOS: 44.90%): The Bucks have been consistently strong, with a solid power rating. Their slightly easier schedule suggests they might be undervalued in the market.

Teams to Watch:

  • Indiana Pacers (22-16 W-L, PR: 0.54, Last 14 SOS: 53.57%): Indiana's recent form is notable, especially against average competition. They could offer value in upcoming games.
  • Chicago Bulls (18-21 W-L, PR: 0.48, Last 14 SOS: 44.39%): Despite an overall losing record, Chicago’s performance in the last 14 games and moderate SOS could make them an intriguing underdog pick.

Teams Facing Challenges:

  • San Antonio Spurs (6-30 W-L, PR: 0.35, Last 14 SOS: 51.02%): The Spurs continue to struggle, facing average competition but failing to secure wins. Their current form suggests caution for bettors.
  • Detroit Pistons (3-35 W-L, PR: 0.29, Last 14 SOS: 50.51%): Detroit's dismal record, coupled with a challenging schedule, makes them a risky choice.


Today’s NBA power ratings combined with the strength of schedule offer a comprehensive view of the teams' standings. The Celtics, Timberwolves, and Bucks show strong potential, while the Spurs and Pistons might face more difficulties. As always, bettors should consider these insights along with other factors like recent injuries and team dynamics before making their picks.

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