nba daily power ratings

NBA Daily Power Ratings: Monday, January 1st, 2024

Welcome to the NBA Power Ratings for the New Year! We're diving into the current season's performance, analyzing the last 7 and 14 games, and assessing the Strength of Schedule (SOS) to uncover the teams hitting their stride and those needing a comeback.

🌟 Top Teams Excelling:

  1. Boston Celtics (PR: 0.65) – Dominating the season with a 26-6 record. Recent form is impressive, maintaining an 85.71% win rate in the last 14 games (SOS: 46.43%).
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves (PR: 0.64) – Surging at 24-7, they've shown remarkable consistency, especially in their recent 14 games with a 78.57% win rate (SOS: 51.02%).

πŸ”₯ Teams Heating Up:

  1. Miami Heat (PR: 0.53) – Sporting a 19-13 record, they've been on a roll recently with a 71.43% win rate in their last 7 games (SOS: 59.18%).
  2. Dallas Mavericks (PR: 0.53) – At 19-14, they are finding their groove, achieving a 57.14% win rate in their last 14 games (SOS: 50.51%).

❄️ Teams Facing a Chill:

  1. Charlotte Hornets (PR: 0.37) – Struggling at 7-23, with recent form not helping their cause (0% win rate in the last 7 games, SOS: 55.10%).
  2. Washington Wizards (PR: 0.34) – With a 6-26 record, their recent performances have been underwhelming, holding a 28.57% win rate in the last 7 games (SOS: 42.86%).

βš–οΈ Balanced Performers:

  1. Utah Jazz (PR: 0.46) – Holding steady with a 14-19 record, their recent upswing shows promise with a 71.43% win rate in the last 7 games (SOS: 40.82%).
  2. New York Knicks (PR: 0.53) – At 17-15, showing a balanced performance with a 50% win rate in their last 14 games (SOS: 57.65%).

πŸ€ For a deeper dive into the stats and complete Power Ratings, visit Keep up with the trends and find out where your favorite team stands!

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