NBA Favorites

NBA Favorites Coming off Win or Lost Records: (12/25/23)

Based on the NBA Favorites Coming Off chart provided, which reflects the performance of favorites after a win or loss by varying point margins, here's a summary and guidance for upcoming games:

NBA Favorites Coming OffATSSUO/U
0-3 Points Lost18-14-025-715-16-1
4-7 Point Lost20-21-126-1624-18-0
8-11 Point Lost19-19-129-1027-12-0
12-15 Point Lost13-10-017-69-12-2
16-19 Point Lost6-8-212-49-7-0
20 Point or More Lost16-11-020-717-10-0
0-3 Points Win14-21-223-1415-22-0
4-7 Point Win30-28-240-2032-28-0
8-11 Point Win33-14-036-1130-17-0
12-15 Point Win17-18-125-1123-13-0
16-19 Point Win13-12-016-914-10-1
20 Point or More Win27-14-436-924-21-0

NBA Favorites Performance Summary:

The chart tracks the performance of NBA favorites based on their previous game's outcome, measured by three metrics: ATS (Against The Spread), SU (Straight Up), and O/U (Over/Under).

  • ATS: The favorites coming off a 4-7 point loss have a relatively balanced record of 20-21-1, suggesting unpredictability in these matchups.
  • SU: Teams that lost their last game by 8-11 points have bounced back strongly, going 29-10 straight up in their next game.
  • O/U: For totals bettors, games involving a team that lost by 8-11 points tend to go over, with a record of 27-12-0.

Who to Look for in Upcoming Games:

  • Resilient Favorites: Teams that have lost by a narrow margin (0-11 points) appear to have a strong track record of bouncing back. Look for teams within this range for potential value, especially those coming off an 8-11 point loss.
  • High-Scoring Affairs: The trend indicates that games with a favorite that lost by 8-11 points are more likely to go over the total points line.
  • Cautious Betting on Big Losers: Teams that have lost by 16-19 points are less predictable ATS, with a nearly even record. It may be wise to approach betting on these teams with caution.

Given the trends, bettors and fans should pay attention to teams that lost their last game by 8-11 points, as they have demonstrated a strong ability to cover the spread and win outright in their next game. Additionally, those same games tend to be higher-scoring, which could be valuable information for over/under bets.

Daily Chart Updates:

The chart will be updated daily, which will provide an ongoing strategic tool for bettors and analysts. Daily updates will allow for tracking shifts in trends as the season progresses and as different teams hit their strides or face challenges.

Wrap up

In the next slate of games, keep an eye on teams coming off an 8-11 point loss for a robust performance. Additionally, monitor the point totals in games with favorites coming off a loss in the 8-11 and 12-15 point range, as these contests have historically trended towards higher point totals. As always, individual matchups and current team dynamics should be considered alongside historical data for the most informed decision-making.

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