NBA Power Ratings

NBA Raymond Report Power Ratings – March 21, 2024

As the NBA season continues, the race for playoff spots intensifies. Today, we dive into the latest Power Ratings, focusing on team performances over their last 7 and 14 games and considering the strength of their opponents.

Top Performers

  1. Boston Celtics stand tall with a remarkable 55-14 record, demonstrating their dominance with a 7-0 run in their last 7 games. Their opponents' strength score of 36.73 in these matches highlights their ability to win against tough teams, maintaining a high power rating of 0.64.
  2. Denver Nuggets are close on their heels, showcasing their strength with a 48-21 record. Their 6-1 performance in the recent stretch and a power rating of 0.60 underline their contender status.
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder have also made their mark with a 48-20 record, bolstered by a 6-1 run recently, achieving a power rating of 0.60, making them a formidable force in the league.

Teams to Watch

  • Dallas Mavericks have been on a roll with a 6-1 record in their last 7 games, boosting their season record to 40-29 and achieving a power rating of 0.54.
  • Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks both have shown resilience; despite recent struggles, their overall performance keeps them in the spotlight with power ratings of 0.52 and 0.56, respectively.

Underdogs and Fighters

  • Charlotte Hornets, despite their 17-52 record, have shown a slight uptick in performance, going 2-5 in their last 7 games. Their struggle, however, is evident with a low power rating of 0.37.
  • Detroit Pistons, facing a challenging season with a 12-57 record, still fight in every game, as seen in their recent 2-5 run and a power rating of 0.34.
  • Houston Rockets have managed a 6-1 record in their last 7 games, showing signs of turnaround despite a 33-35 season record. Their power rating stands at 0.49, indicating potential for upset victories.


Teams like the LA Lakers and Sacramento Kings are in the mix, with steady performances keeping them relevant in the playoff conversation. The Lakers' 38-32 record and the Kings' 40-28 mark reflect their competitive spirit.

As the season progresses, the balance between team performances and the strength of their opponents will continue to shape the playoff landscape. Keep an eye on these power ratings as indicators of potential postseason success.