NBA Sports Betting Market Report for Thursday, December 14th, 2023

ATS STATS – As we venture into the NBA betting landscape for Thursday, December 14th, 2023, the Sports Betting Index (SBI) shows a continued bullish trend across various markets. Let's dissect the data to understand how favorites and OVER/UNDER bets have been performing, as well as the success rate against the spread.

Straight Up (SU) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 13): Favorites won 78% of the games, maintaining their bullish stance in the market.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: This trend stays robust over 3 days (86%) and 7 days (79.6%), indicating a strong period for favorites.
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: The bullish trend is consistent over these longer periods, with favorites winning around 70.5% of the time.

Over/Under (OU) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 13): A significant bullish trend for OVER bets, with an 89% win rate, indicating a day of high-scoring games.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: The bullish sentiment for OVER bets is also strong in the 3-day range (84.7%), while the 7-day range shows a more balanced (neutral) trend.
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: Over these periods, the OVER/UNDER bets are relatively balanced, with a slight lean towards OVER bets.

Against The Spread (ATS) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 13): Favorites covering the spread at a rate of 67%, showing a bullish trend for that day.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: This bullish trend is also evident over 3 days (68%) and 7 days (66.7%).
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: Over these longer durations, the market is more balanced, but still slightly favors favorites.

Key Insights:

  • Favorites’ Consistency: The continued strength of favorites in both SU and ATS markets across various time frames suggests a prevailing trend that could be of interest to bettors.
  • Scoring Trends: The significant spike in OVER bets on December 13th and over the past few days points towards higher-scoring games, a trend that bettors might want to explore.
  • Balanced Long-Term Trends: While the short-term trends show a clear inclination towards favorites and OVER bets, the longer-term trends are more balanced, especially in the ATS market.


For Thursday, December 14th, the NBA betting market reflects a strong leaning towards favorites in SU and ATS categories, particularly in the short term, and a notable trend towards high-scoring games recently. As always, it's crucial for bettors to consider these trends in conjunction with the specifics of each game.