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NBA Sports Betting Market Report for Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

ATS STATS – As we dive into the NBA betting landscape for Wednesday, December 13th, 2023, the Sports Betting Index (SBI) reflects a continued bullish trend for favorites, both in Straight Up (SU) and Against The Spread (ATS) markets. Let's break down the key data points and trends:

Straight Up (SU) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 12): Favorites won 80% of their games, showcasing their strength in the market.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: This trend is even more pronounced in the 3-day range, with a 93.3% success rate for favorites, and remains strong over 7 days at 82.7%.
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: Over these longer periods, favorites maintain a bullish stance with a win rate hovering around 70.4%.

Over/Under (OU) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 12): A strong bullish trend for OVER bets with an 80% win rate, indicating a day of high-scoring games.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: The market shifts to a neutral stance over these ranges, with a slight lean towards UNDER bets in the 7-day range (56.4%).
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: The trend over these longer periods remains neutral, balancing OVER and UNDER bets.

Against The Spread (ATS) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 12): Favorites beat the spread 60% of the time, indicating a bullish trend for that day.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: This bullish sentiment is even stronger in the 3-day range (79%) and remains notable over 7 days (71.4%).
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: The market is more balanced over these longer periods, showing a neutral trend with a slight favor towards favorites.

Key Insights:

  • Favorites’ Dominance: The continued strength of favorites in both SU and ATS markets suggests a trend that bettors might want to consider. The 1-day and 3-day data particularly highlight their current form.
  • Scoring Trends: The OVER bets experienced a significant uptick on December 12th, indicating a trend towards higher-scoring games for that day. However, this trend is not as pronounced over longer time frames.
  • Market Stability: The longer-term neutral trend in both OVER/UNDER and ATS markets suggests a more balanced and unpredictable environment, highlighting the need for careful consideration of each specific game scenario.


The NBA betting market for December 13th shows a clear favoring of favorites in the SU and ATS categories, especially in the short term. While OVER bets saw a surge on December 12th, the overall trend over longer periods remains neutral. Bettors are advised to consider these trends while also factoring in the unique dynamics of each game.

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