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Raymond Report: NBA Sports Betting Market Index Analysis for Tuesday, December 12, 2023

ATS STATS – In a remarkable demonstration of dominance, NBA favorites went an astonishing 13-0 on December 11, 2023. This exceptional performance has significantly influenced the latest data from the Sports Betting Index (SBI) for the NBA, offering intriguing insights for bettors. As we delve into the betting trends for Tuesday, December 12, 2023, the impact of this dominant showing by the favorites is clearly visible.

Straight Up (SU) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance: Favorites demonstrated overwhelming strength, winning all 13 games, which underscores the 100% SU rate and bullish trend for December 11th.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: Continuing this bullish sentiment, favorites have maintained strong performance, winning between 71.3% and 95% of games in these ranges.
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: Consistent with the shorter time frames, favorites have shown a solid win rate of 70.2% over these longer periods.

Over/Under (OU) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance: Mirroring the success of favorites, OVER bets were also highly successful on December 11th, with an 85% win rate.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: Despite the recent spike, the market has been more balanced over the 7-day range, showing a bearish trend for OVERs (39.3%), while remaining neutral over 3 days.
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: Over these periods, the OVER/UNDER bets have been more evenly matched, maintaining a neutral trend.

Against The Spread (ATS) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance: Favorites not only won outright but also excelled against the spread with a 77% success rate on December 11th.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: This trend of favorites covering the spread is pronounced in the 3-day range (84.7%) and remains bullish over 7 days (62.9%).
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: The ATS performance aligns with the SU trend, showing a balanced market with a slight favor towards favorites over these longer durations.

Conclusions and Insights:

The NBA betting market is currently characterized by a strong leaning towards favorites, both in SU and ATS markets, especially highlighted by the recent 13-0 run. The OVER/UNDER bets present a varied landscape, with a recent surge in OVERs but a more balanced longer-term trend. These trends offer valuable insights for strategic betting, but as always, each game's specific context should be carefully considered.

The data clearly suggests that, at least for now, betting on NBA favorites could be a particularly fruitful strategy, especially when considering their recent overwhelming success.

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