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6 NFL Football Teams with Jekyll & Hyde Tendencies L3Y!

Only 5-teams in the NFL have a consistent TOP 10 ranking of winning both their Home and Road games Straight Up (SU), but when it comes Against the Spread (ATS), only 3-teams (KC, PIT & CLE) have a losing record Against the Number!

In fact, only the Chiefs, Bills, Packers, Rams, and Buccaneers have a winning Straight Up (SU) Record at Home and on the Road during the last 3 seasons.

Jekyll & Hyde Teams?

Now, when you compare some teams Home and Road record Straight Up (SU), we have 6 NFL teams in which I would consider to be “Jekyll and Hyde” type teams, they are teams who either do well at home, but poorly on the road OR vice versa.

Since 2017, Home Teams have won 54% of their games Straight Up (SU), but only covered 49% of the time Against the Spread (ATS). While Road Teams have won 46% of their games Straight Up (SU) and covered 54% of the bookmaker’s number.

From a market psychology point of view, sports bettors feel more comfortable betting on home teams, but the numbers prove it’s better to make that “uncomfortable” pick Against the Spread (ATS) when betting on the road teams.

Overall Home/Road Records L5Y

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