NFL Week 15 Power Ratings

Gridiron Grit: The Unsung Heroes of the NFL’s Toughest Turf Battles

Analyzing the ATS STATS Strength of Schedule (SOS) and Power Ratings (PR) charts for the NFL provides a fascinating snapshot of the current season, focusing on overall performance, recent form, and the difficulty of opponents faced.

Key Insights

  1. Dominant Teams: The Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys stand out with their exceptional performance in both current season and recent games. Their high win percentages coupled with substantial PRs (0.64 for Ravens, 0.60 for Cowboys) reflect a combination of consistent play and strength in overcoming challenging schedules.
  2. Rising Contenders: Teams like the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles, both with a 10-3 record, have shown significant prowess. Their PRs of 0.55 and 0.65, respectively, highlight their ability to navigate through moderately difficult schedules with a high success rate.
  3. Underperformers: The Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots, with records of 1-12 and 3-10, have struggled despite facing schedules of moderate difficulty (SOS % of 52.66 and 52.79). Their low PRs (0.30 for Panthers, 0.38 for Patriots) indicate a lack of effective performance against their opponents.
  4. Recent Form Shifts: Teams like the Chicago Bears and New York Giants have shown improvement in their last three games compared to their 7-game and season-long performances. This could indicate a positive momentum shift or adaptation to opponents’ strategies.
  5. Tough Schedules: The Seattle Seahawks and Washington Commanders faced some of the toughest schedules (SOS % of 52.66 and 50.89). Their ability to win under these conditions, as reflected in their PRs (0.49 for Seahawks, 0.41 for Commanders), showcases resilience, although their overall records could be better.

Overall Observations

  • Consistency is Key: Teams like the Ravens and Cowboys are not just winning; they're winning against tough opponents consistently.
  • Momentum Matters: Teams like the Bears and Giants, with improved performance in recent games, could be ones to watch in the upcoming weeks.
  • Strength of Schedule Impact: Teams like the Seahawks and Commanders, despite not having the best records, have shown grit against difficult schedules.


This NFL season showcases a blend of consistent dominance by top teams and surprising performances by others. The PR and SOS statistics are invaluable for understanding not just who is winning, but the context of those victories. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if teams like the Ravens and Cowboys maintain their high level of play, and whether underperformers can turn their fortunes around.