NFL Head Coach + QB1 Dynamic Duo Combination

Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond of the Raymond Report is always looking for “indicators” when handicapping sports and when it comes to finding an edge in betting football, the combination of the head coach and 1st string QB, is crucial to a team’s success.

Below, you will find the winning percentage of the head coach and QB1 and Batman does need Robin to win games in the NFL. Plus, check the Head Coaches + QB2 numbers below this chart to see the big drop off in Win %.


NFL Coaches & QB


Coaches + QB1 Combo

Coaches and QB combination

Coaches + QB2 Combo

NFL Coaches Win% Record

NFL Coaches Win %

QB1 Winning % Record

QB Records

QB2 Winning % Record

About Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond

Ron Raymond is a veteran sports handicapper going into his 26th season and is recognized as a pioneer in the online sports handicapping industry. In 2009, Ron Raymond wrote a book called “Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” and it is now listed on Amazon.

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