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NFL Point Spread Analysis: SU, ATS, and O/U Standings Reviewed

The National Football League (NFL) is a realm of relentless competition where every yard gained and every point scored carries a narrative of its own. As teams grapple for supremacy on the field, a parallel narrative unfolds in the domain of betting where point spreads play a pivotal role.

Point spreads not only fuel the betting fervor but also provide a lens to evaluate team performance beyond mere win-loss records. The trifecta of Straight Up (SU), Against The Spread (ATS), and Over/Under (O/U) standings offer a nuanced view of a team's performance, strategic prowess, and the overall tenor of the games. This article delves into the current NFL point spread dynamics, shedding light on the SU, ATS, and O/U standings of the teams as they navigate through the rigors of the league.

Through a meticulous analysis, we aim to unravel patterns and insights that could paint a broader picture of the ongoing NFL season, and provide a rich tapestry of information for enthusiasts, analysts, and bettors alike.


Analysis of A, B, and C Type Teams

Type A Teams:

  • SU Records:
  • Teams in the A type category show a strong SU record, with two teams (Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers) standing undefeated at 4-0, showcasing a dominating performance in the league so far.
  • ATS Records:
  • The ATS record among these teams is also commendable, with most teams having a 3-1 record, which indicates that they are not only winning but also covering the spreads efficiently.
  • O/U Records:
  • The Over/Under records are mixed, but a notable mention is the Miami Dolphins with a 3-1-0 record leaning towards Over, indicating a trend of high-scoring games.

Type B Teams:

  • SU Records:
  • The SU records for type B teams are around the .500 mark, which signifies a balanced performance. The Green Bay Packers and the Washington Commanders stand out with a 2-2 SU record.
  • ATS Records:
  • These teams have decent ATS records, with the Green Bay Packers having a 3-1 ATS record indicating a good performance against the spread.
  • O/U Records:
  • The Over/Under records are quite balanced. However, the New Orleans Saints and Washington Commanders are leaning towards Under with records of 0-4-0 and 2-2-0 respectively, indicating lower scoring games.

Type C Teams:

  • SU Records:
  • The type C teams are struggling with most teams having a 1-3 SU record. The Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears are at the bottom with a 0-4 SU record.
  • ATS Records:
  • The ATS records also reflect a struggle, however, the Arizona Cardinals have a bright spot with a 3-1 ATS record.
  • O/U Records:
  • In the O/U column, the Chicago Bears stand out with a perfect 4-0-0 record leaning towards Over, indicating their participation in high-scoring games despite their losses.


The analysis provides a clear distinction between the performance levels among the A, B, and C type teams. Type A teams are showing dominance in both SU and ATS records, B type teams are hovering around the .500 mark indicating a balanced performance, while Type C teams are in a struggle, with a few exceptions in ATS and O/U records. This information can be quite valuable for stakeholders, bettors, and analysts in predicting future game outcomes and making informed decisions.

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