NFL Week 6 Power Ratings

NFL Power Rating Analysis: Raymond Report Strength of Schedule


As we approach the midpoint of the NFL season, the Raymond Report has provided an in-depth look at each team's performance, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. By using the Strength of Schedule (SOS) power rating numbers, we can deduce which teams are truly dominant and which might be benefiting from an easier schedule.

Top Performers:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles: Undefeated with a 5-0 record, their impeccable 100% win rate is complemented by a P R of 0.70. Their strength of schedule sits at 39%, suggesting that while they have had some easier matchups, their performance is undeniably strong.
  2. San Francisco 49ers: Matching the Eagles, the 49ers also hold a 5-0 record. Their SOS at 40% is slightly more challenging, but their power rating remains at a high 0.70.
  3. Detroit Lions: Boasting a 4-1 record and an 80% win rate, the Lions have shown a significant improvement this season. Their SOS at 51% indicates they have faced some tough competitors, yet they've emerged victorious in most encounters, reflecting in their P R of 0.66.
  4. Kansas City Chiefs: Another team with a 4-1 record, the Chiefs have an 80% win rate and an SOS of 44%. Their P R of 0.62 demonstrates their prowess on the field.


  1. Carolina Panthers: Struggling this season, they have yet to secure a win with an 0-5 record. The Panthers have faced some challenging teams, as reflected in their 59% SOS. However, their P R of 0.30 shows there's much room for improvement.
  2. Chicago Bears: With a 1-4 record and a 20% win rate, the Bears have faced teams with an average SOS of 51%. Their P R of 0.36 indicates they've had some close games but have fallen short in most.
  3. Denver Broncos: Another team with a 1-4 record, the Broncos' 20% win rate and 44% SOS reflect their struggles on the field, resulting in a P R of 0.32.

Teams to Watch:

  1. Los Angeles Rams: Holding a 2-3 record, what's intriguing about the Rams is their high SOS of 75%. This suggests they've battled against some of the toughest teams this season. Their P R of 0.58 is commendable considering their challenging schedule.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers have managed a 3-2 record, but their SOS of 58% shows they've faced strong opposition. Their P R of 0.59 indicates they've been performing well against high-caliber teams.

In conclusion, while win-loss records provide a snapshot of a team's performance, the Strength of Schedule (SOS) offers deeper insights into the quality of their opponents. Teams like the Rams and Steelers, despite not having perfect records, have shown resilience against tough competitors. Meanwhile, undefeated teams like the Eagles and 49ers will be interesting to watch as the season progresses and they face more challenging opponents. The Raymond Report's power ratings serve as a valuable tool for fans and analysts alike, providing a comprehensive view of each team's true capabilities.

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