Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast – Show #3

Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast – Show #3 for Tuesday, July 7, 2020, Sports Handicappers Ron Raymond, and Ross Benjamin break down the AFC North division for the upcoming NFL Football season and talk about each team over/under season wins record. In fact, before they get into the NFL AFC North team previews, Ron, and Ross talk about the first sports betting websites they visited when they got into the online sports handicapping industry. Don't miss today's show, you will want to watch the segment when they talk about the 14 teams in the NFL who play a 3-4 defense!

Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast – Show #3

The Raymond Report NFL sports betting podcast goal is to give out sports betting tips from a point spread point of view and share their researched numbers with their audience. Learn a little, to earn a lot with today’s tips and tricks on the Raymond Reports sports betting podcast with Ron Raymond and Ross Benjamin.

Today’s Raymond Report Show Segments:

  • Intro: (00:00 to 4:15)
  • Horse Racing Tipsheet: (4:15 to 5:20)
  • Sports Handicapping 101: First website you visited when we started (5:33 to 11:44)
  • Sports Handicapping 101: Share one of our Sports Betting Secrets (11:44 to 16:17)
  • NFL Team Preview: Baltimore Ravens Sports Betting Preview (16:17 to 36:38)
  • NFL Team Preview: Pittsburgh Steelers Sports Betting Preview: (36:38 to 47:12)
  • NFL Team Preview: Cincinnati Bengals Sports Betting Preview (47:12 to 50:45)
  • NFL Team Preview: Cleveland Browns Sports Betting Preview (50:45 to 1:02:21)
  • Conclusion and Sign Off: (1:02:21 to 1:03:47)