Tom Brady’s best career moments (so far)

Tom Brady is arguably the most successful American Football quarterback in the game’s history, leading his team to seven Super Bowl titles – a record. He’s also been named Super Bowl MVP 5 times in those 7 games. He currently plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, signing with them in 2020 after a 20-year stint with the New England Patriots. 1 of his 7 Super Bowl rings game with the Buccaneers in 2021, proving that he’s still got it. After a relatively disappointing season where they lost the Divisional Playoffs, Brady announced his retirement from the sport. However, just 40 days later, he announced he would not be retiring. Many people think this was a media stunt; if it was, it played out like a successful baccarat strategy.


First Super Bowl WIN

After an injury to Patriot’s starting quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, Brady was given a baptism of fire in the starting lineup and made that position his own. However, he’d yet to show off some of the more advanced tools in his arsenal, and many thought he was just a game manager. They didn’t give the Patriots any hope against the imperious St Louis Rams at Super Bowl XXXVI. However, with the game tied at 17-17 with just over a minute to go, Brady and the Patriots make a series of plays that lead to a field goal in the dying seconds to win them the title.


Winning Back-to-Back

Just two years after his first Super Bowl title, Brady was collecting another ring at Super Bowl XXXVIII, again winning in the dying seconds after a 41-yard field goal. If that wasn’t enough, the Patriots made the biggest game of the season again at Super Bowl XXXIX. There was no last-minute heroics this time, as the team rode out a 24-21 victory. Brady became only the seventh quarterback to win back-to-back Super Bowls and had won 3 in 4 years!


Tuck Rule Game

In one of the earliest games of his career – his playoff debut no less – the New England Patriots were losing 13-10 against the Raiders deep into the fourth quarter. During a down, it looked like Brady was hit and fumbled the ball, which would give possession to the Raiders and seal their victory. However, the officials ruled that Brady attempted to tuck the ball into his body, making it an incomplete pass rather than a fumble. The Patriots remained in possession of the ball, tied the game, and won in overtime. This was a crucial step on their way to victory at Super Bowl XXXVI.


Season 07

The 2007 season was memorable for Tom Brady, as he had one of his all-time greatest season-long performances. The Patriots finished the regular season with a 16-0 record, a fantastic accomplishment, and almost had a perfect season until they lost Super Bowl XLII to the Giants. This season, Brady broke the single-season touchdown record and became the first player to reach 50 in one season. He led the NFL in pass completion percentage (68.9) and passing yards (4806) and won the MVP award for that season.


Super Bowl 2021 v Kansas City

While many people thought leaving the Patriots would signal the beginning of the end of Brady’s career, they were wrong. Brady installed a winning mentality in the Buccaneers, and they found success immediately. They reached the Super Bowl in his first season and faced off against the Kansas City Giants, who had up-and-coming star Patrick Mahomes on their team. Brady showed the world why he’s the GOAT, and picked up his 7th Super Bowl title with a commanding performance, throwing 3 touchdowns.


28 – 3 in Houston, Texas

If there was ever to be a performance that encapsulated Brady’s talents and ability to thrive under pressure, this was it. The Patriots were down 28-3 midway through the 3rd quarter against the Atlanta Falcons, and it looked like no hope was left. However, Brady had other ideas, as he led his team to four straight scoring plays to tie the game at 28-28. After getting possession in overtime, Brady charged the Pats 75 yards up the field and into the end-zone, rounding off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.