NFL Week 1 Trends

Week 1 NFL Betting Trends: Insights from the Raymond Report

The much-anticipated Week 1 of the NFL season is upon us, and every bettor is looking for an edge. The Raymond Report's ATS STATS provides some intriguing insights that can help you find value in your betting decisions.

NFL Week 1 Betting Trends

Let's take a look at some of the most prominent Week 1 sports betting trends:

1. **New York Jets**: The Over has been the prevailing trend for the Jets when playing at home before a non-conference game. It's gone 12-1-0 over the last seven years, an impressive 92.31%.

2. **New York Giants**: The Under seems to be the Giants' friend under specific conditions:

   – When they are a 0 to 3 home underdog: 1-12-0 over the last 7 years (92.31%).

   – Playing in September at home: 1-9-0 over the last 5 years (90%).

3. **Minnesota Vikings**: They have a stellar record as a home favorite with a specific range and total. They are 20-3 straight up (SU) when played as a -3.5 to -6.5 home favorite and the total is 45.5 since 1996, coming out to 86.96%.

4. **Jacksonville Jaguars**: When they play away and the total is 44.5, the Under has dominated at 2-13-0 in the last decade (86.67%).

5. **Baltimore Ravens**: One of the stronger trends belongs to the Ravens. They're 13-2 SU when played as a -7.0 to -9.5 home favorite and the total stands at 43.5 since 1996, yielding an 86.67% success rate.

6. **Seattle Seahawks**: They boast a commendable 11-2 SU record when played as a -3.5 to -6.5 home favorite with a total of 45.5 since 1996, a solid 84.62%.

7. **Philadelphia Eagles**: Keep an eye on the Eagles when they play away before a conference game. Their record for the last two years is 11-2 SU (84.62%).

8. **Dallas Cowboys**: The Under has been a trend for the Cowboys, especially when they are a 0 to 3.0 away favorite against a National Conference opponent, with a record of 2-11-0 in the last 7 years (84.62%).

9. **Kansas City Chiefs**: The Chiefs at home have been formidable. They stand at 18-4 SU when playing at home in the last 2 years, an impressive 81.82% win rate.

10. **San Francisco 49ers**: The Niners on the road before a conference game have done quite well, boasting a 9-2 SU record over the last two years (81.82%).

11. **Denver Broncos**: Historically, the Broncos have been strong starters, with a 20-5 SU record when played at home during Week 1 since 1996. This comes out to an 80% win rate.

12. **Los Angeles Rams**: The Rams on the road in September are a force to reckon with, having an 8-2 SU record over the last seven years, an 80% success rate.

These trends, derived from past data, provide insightful patterns that can potentially guide bettors in their Week 1 decisions. However, always remember that while trends are a helpful tool, they don't guarantee future outcomes. Always consider the current context, injuries, and other pertinent factors when placing your bets. Best of luck!

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