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Analyzing NHL Team Performance: Insights from the Raymond Report’s Strength of Schedule (10/18/23)

To identify teams that might bring value to sports betting using the Raymond Report's strength of schedule (SOS), I'll look for teams that have a combination of the following factors:

1. A high SOS %: This indicates the team has played against stronger opponents.

2. A decent or good win %: This indicates the team's performance.

3. A Power Rating (P R) that is reflective of their performance.

Here's a summarized analysis based on the given data:

1. **High Strength of Schedule (SOS %) and Good Performance**

   – **Anaheim**: With a 50% win rate and an 87.5% SOS, they have played against some of the toughest teams and held their ground. Their power rating of 0.69 further adds value.

   – **Dallas**: They have a 50% win rate but an impressive 75-83.33% SOS. Their power rating is also commendable at 0.63.

   – **San Jose**: Despite a 0% win rate, their SOS is an astounding 90.91-91.67%. This suggests they've faced very tough opponents. However, their PR is only 0.46, so it's a mixed signal for bettors.

2. **Strong Performance Against Weaker Opponents**

   – **Boston**: A 100% win rate and a 37.5% SOS suggests they've dominated against relatively weaker teams. Their PR of 0.69 is promising.

   – **Colorado**: Similar to Boston, they have a 100% win rate but a very low SOS of 10-11.11%. Their PR is 0.56.

   – **NY Islanders**: They also have a 100% win rate and a 33.33% SOS, with a PR of 0.67.

   – **Vegas**: A strong performance with a 100% win rate and an 18.18-25% SOS. Their PR is 0.63.

3. **Teams with Mixed Signals**

   – **Chicago**: A balanced 50% win rate but a relatively high SOS of 63.64-66.67%. Their PR is 0.58.

   – **Washington**: An exact 50% win and loss rate, a balanced SOS of 50%, and a PR of 0.5.

4. **Teams that Might be Underperforming**

   – **Nashville**: Only a 25% win rate and a 30.77% SOS suggest they might be struggling even against weaker teams. Their low PR of 0.32 confirms this.

   – **Seattle**: A 0% win rate and a 69.23% SOS indicate they are having a tough start. Their PR is just 0.34.

   – **Tampa Bay**: The 25% win rate and 46.15% SOS suggest they aren't performing up to expectations, with a PR of 0.36.


For sports betting, teams like Anaheim, Dallas, and even San Jose might bring value because they've shown resilience or potential against strong teams. Teams with strong performance against weaker opponents, like Boston, Colorado, NY Islanders, and Vegas, might be safer bets. However, always approach sports betting with caution and use multiple metrics and sources before making a decision.

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