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Free NHL Betting Trends Report – April 18th, 2024

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Welcome to the NHL Betting Trends Report brought to you by ATS STATS, your go-to source for statistical insights into NHL matchups. As we delve into the trends shaping today's games, we'll highlight some key patterns from the 80% Club, giving you an edge in your betting decisions.

Head-to-Head Trends

Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

  • When Vancouver played as the Underdog with Total between 5.5 and 6.0: Vancouver boasts an impressive 12-3-0 ATS (Against The Spread) record, indicating their ability to perform well in challenging situations.
  • When Los Angeles played as the Favorite in the month of April: Los Angeles holds a strong 7-3-0 ATS record, suggesting their favoritism in April matchups.

Team System Trends

Vancouver Canucks:

  • When Vancouver played as the Road team as an Underdog, with 1 day off, and scored 4 goals FOR in their last game: Vancouver shines with an 18-3-0 ATS record, showcasing their resilience on the road.

Anaheim Ducks:

  • When Anaheim played as a Road team with a Total of 6.5 and coming off 1 under: Anaheim presents an 8-4-0 ATS record, displaying their consistency in specific circumstances.

Winnipeg Jets:

  • When Winnipeg played as the Home team before a conference game, scored 4 goals FOR in their last game, and coming off a 1 goal win: Winnipeg showcases a 7-4-0 ATS record, indicating their strength in critical moments.

Random System Trends

Edmonton Oilers:

  • When Edmonton played as the Road team as an Underdog, playing on Thursday with a Total of 6.5: Edmonton exhibits an impressive 12-3-0 ATS record, making them a formidable force in these situations.

Seattle Kraken:

  • When Seattle played as the Road team as an Underdog during April, after a conference game: Seattle holds a respectable 7-4-0 ATS record, showcasing their ability to compete even in challenging circumstances.

Smart Stats System Trends

Vancouver Canucks:

  • When Vancouver played as the Road team as an Underdog during the last 3 years and won the last game by 3 goals: Vancouver presents a balanced record of 6-5-0 ATS, indicating their potential to perform under specific conditions.

Los Angeles Kings:

  • When Los Angeles played as any home/road team during the current season with a SU (Straight Up) record of 5 Win 2 Lost in the last 7 games: Los Angeles exhibits a 9-10-0 ATS record, suggesting their unpredictability despite recent successes.

These trends offer valuable insights into the teams' performances under various circumstances. Remember, while historical data provides a useful guide, always consider current team form, injuries, and other relevant factors before placing your bets. Good luck!