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Free NHL IceTrends: Sabres 21-4-0 ATS Home Dog Situation Live Tonight (3/14/24)

As the NHL season pushes forward, Thursday, March 14th, 2024, presents a set of matchups ripe with historical trends and betting implications. Here’s an analytical breakdown of some key trends to consider for tonight's games.

New York Rangers' Strong ATS Performance

  • The Rangers show a commanding presence as an underdog with totals between 6.5 and 7.0, boasting a 14-1-0 ATS record. Their success against the Atlantic Division as a road underdog (25-5-0 ATS) underlines their resilience in tough matchups. However, their straight-up (SU) records suggest tight contests, indicating value in backing them against the spread (ATS) rather than outright wins.

Buffalo Sabres' Home Underdog Resilience

  • The Sabres have defied expectations as a home underdog against the Metropolitan Division, with an impressive 21-4-0 ATS record. This trend suggests that Buffalo can cover the spread even in seemingly mismatched games, offering potential value bets in similar future matchups.

Phoenix Coyotes' Underdog Success in March

  • The Coyotes have shown profitability as a road underdog in March, with a notable 12-3-0 ATS record. While their SU record indicates challenges in clinching wins (4-11 SU), their ability to keep games closer than expected can't be ignored by bettors looking at spread options.

Montreal Canadiens & Arizona Coyotes: Underdogs to Watch

  • Both teams have demonstrated the ability to cover spreads in underdog situations, with Montreal showing strength with totals between 5.5 and 6.0 (8-2-0 ATS) and Arizona excelling as a road underdog in March. These patterns suggest both teams are capable of outperforming betting market expectations in similar scenarios.

Seattle Kraken's Specific Home Advantage

  • As a home favorite with totals between 5.5 and 6.0, the Kraken have an 8-7-0 ATS record. While not overwhelming, their positive SU record (12-3 SU) in this context suggests they often secure wins, making them a safer bet in moneyline markets when favored under these conditions.

Key Insights for Bettors

  • The New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres have shown a propensity to cover spreads in underdog roles, especially against specific division opponents, offering value for spread bettors.
  • The Arizona Coyotes' performance in March as road underdogs indicates potential for ATS bets, despite a less favorable SU record.
  • Bettors should consider the historical success of home favorites like the Seattle Kraken in specific total ranges, potentially leveraging their consistent winning ability in moneyline bets.

As these teams lace up their skates for Thursday's action, these historical betting trends offer a strategic backdrop for making informed wagering decisions. Whether you’re leaning towards ATS, SU, or over/under bets, tonight's slate is filled with intriguing opportunities shaped by past performances.

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Keep these trends in mind as you plan your NHL betting strategy for Thursday's games. Good luck!