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Handicapping Today’s NHL Games: Trends, Streaks, and Betting Tips (02/22/23)

The NHL games for today offer several interesting matchups to consider from a betting perspective. Let's take a closer look at each game using the Raymond Reports Sports Betting System and analyze some key factors to consider before making your wagers.

Winnipeg Jets vs. New York Islanders: The Winnipeg Jets are coming off a 4-1 victory against the New York Rangers, while the New York Islanders are coming off a 4-2 win against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Jets have a 40.94% chance of winning this game, according to the COW (Chance of Winning) metric. Both teams have played only one game in the past few days and are relatively rested. The Jets have a straight-up record (SU) of 35-22, while the Islanders are at 29-31. The Value Index (VI) for this game is -121, which indicates that the bookmaker's odds may be overvaluing the Islanders. The Jets have a Value Index Cycle (VIC) of (A) Neutral. For the total, the C.O.G.O (Chance of Game Going Over) is at 65%, while the O/U (Over/Under) is set at 5.5. Winnipeg has gone 1-8-1 in their last 10 games, so betting the under may be the best choice here.

Calgary Flames vs. Arizona Coyotes: The Calgary Flames are favored to win this game with a VI of -198. However, they lost their last game against the Philadelphia Flyers, 4-3. On the other hand, the Coyotes are coming off a win against the Columbus Blue Jackets, 3-2. The Flames have a 61.47% chance of winning the game, according to the COW metric. Both teams have played one game in the past few days and are relatively rested. The Flames have an SU record of 26-31, while the Coyotes are at 20-37. The Flames have a VIC of (C) Bearish, while the Coyotes have a VIC of (C) Neutral. The C.O.G.O for this game is at 50%, while the O/U is set at 6.5. The Coyotes have gone 5-5 in their last 10 games and 5-5 on the O/U, so it may be worth considering the over for this game.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Dallas Stars: The Chicago Blackhawks have won three games in a row and are coming off a 2-1 win against the Vegas Golden Knights. The Dallas Stars, on the other hand, have lost their last four games, including a 4-1 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Blackhawks have a 40.35% chance of winning this game, according to the COW metric. Both teams are playing on one day of rest. The Blackhawks have an SU record of 19-37, while the Stars are at 30-27. The VI for this game is 276, which may indicate that the bookmaker's odds are undervaluing the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks have a VIC of (C) Neutral, while the Stars have a VIC of (B) Bearish. The C.O.G.O for this game is at 62%, while the O/U is set at 6.5. The Blackhawks have gone 5-5 in their last 10 games, while the Stars are 0-10-0 on the O/U. Based on recent trends, the under may be a good betting choice for this game.

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In summary, today's NHL games offer some interesting opportunities for betting. It's important to consider factors such as team streaks, days of rest, and recent performance when making your picks. Additionally, using tools such as the Value Index and Value Index Cycle can help identify betting opportunities with favorable odds. It's also crucial to monitor the market and line movements, as these can indicate changes in public perception and potentially provide value in the opposite direction. With careful analysis and a disciplined approach to bankroll management, bettors can increase their chances of success in NHL betting. Learn more about the Raymond Report Sports Betting System today!

Understanding the NHL Hockey Preview Acronyms

C.O.W. = (Chances of Winning) – The Cow is based on both teams' current situations as either a Road Favorite, Road Underdog, Home Favorite or Home Underdog, along with the range of the OVER/UNDER. We then research past occurrences and results from both teams and provide a ‘CHANCES OF WINNING' percentage in their next game.

C.O.G.O. = (Chances Game Going OVER) – The ‘C.O.G.O.' percentage is based on both teams OVER/UNDER record, using both teams short and long-term OVER/UNDER records. After we process it through our ‘math predictor', we then provide a ‘CHANCES OF COVERING' percentage for that game, which let's you know if there's any value on the OVER in that game.
*Note: If there's a 60% chance of the game going OVER, that means, there's a 40% chance of the game going UNDER.

L.O.A. = (Law of Average) – The ‘Law of Average' edge is based on the 50/50 theory. Play on a team that lost against the spread (ATS) or straight up (SU) in their last game, vs. a team that won against the spread (ATS) or straight up (SU) in their last game.

DMVI = (Daily Market Value Index) – The DMVI is our researched and calculated line compared to the bookmaker's line. When calculating the DMVI, we look for the margin of error between the bookmaker's line, the final result of a game and then produce the value of what the line should be in the next game for both teams. The DMVI is a tool to find value vs. the current line.

VI = (Value Index) – The Value Index is the current psychology of the betting public, based on a teams 7-game cycle.
BULLISH = Team is either (7-0, 6-1, or 5-2) in their last 7 games.
NEUTRAL = Team is either (3-4 or 4-3) in their last 7 games.
BEARISH = Team is either (0-7, 1-6 or 2-5) in their last 7 games.

Types of Teams – When you look at League Standings, you have 3 types of teams.
Tier 1 Teams (A): 60% or higher (Above Average Teams = High Public Confidence = Low Rewards)
Tier 2 Teams (B): 50% to 59.9% (Average Teams = Moderate Public Confidence = Medium Rewards)
Tier 3 Teams (C): 49.9% or Lower (Below Average Teams = Low Public Confidence = High Rewards)