Canadiens vs Red Wings Preview

Montreal Canadiens vs. Detroit Red Wings Preview – 11/09/23

The upcoming NHL clash between the Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings is looking to be a competitive affair. The Canadiens, with a line of +1.5 and a money line of +164, are facing off against the Red Wings who are at -1.5 and -182, with the total over/under for the game set at 6.5.

Montreal is looking to bounce back from a series of losses, holding a season record of 5-7 straight-up and a balanced 6-6-0 against the spread. Their over/under record is tilted towards the over, with a 7-5-0 standing. On the other hand, Detroit's 7-6 straight-up and 8-5-0 against the spread records suggest a slightly more consistent performance, with a distinct trend of 9-4-0 towards the over for the total points line.

The forecast, generated from a historical analysis of 73 previous games, sets an anticipated outcome of 2.76 points for Montreal and 3.76 for Detroit, closely aligning with the total set at 6.5.

In the last 10 games, Montreal has had a tough stretch with a 4-6 straight-up record, while Detroit has split their record at 5-5. Both teams have seen more games go over than under in their last 10, with Montreal at 6-4-0 and Detroit at a higher 7-3-0.

The Chances of Winning (C.O.W) percentage favors Detroit significantly at 59.59%, compared to Montreal's 30.12%. The Chances Game Going OVER (C.O.G.O) is equal for both teams at 35%, indicating a possible expectation of a balanced scoring game.

The Daily Market Value Index (DMVI) is not provided for Montreal but is at 56 for Detroit, suggesting some deviation from the bookmaker's line, hinting at potential value in Detroit's odds.

Both teams are coming off losses in their previous games, with Montreal on a four-game losing streak, which could impact their performance and morale. Detroit, despite a recent loss, has a more positive outlook with a 1-game losing streak and two games going over.

The Strength of Schedule (S.O.S) for the last seven games indicates a tougher competition faced by Detroit at 63.27% compared to Montreal's 46.94%, which could be a factor in the game's dynamics.

The situational stats show that Montreal has struggled both as a home underdog and on the road, whereas Detroit has had better success, especially in the role of a home underdog.

In summary, this game presents a potential edge for Detroit based on their better win/loss records and higher C.O.W. percentage. Montreal will have to overcome recent struggles and a less favorable schedule strength to close the gap. Bettors and fans alike will be closely watching to see if Montreal can defy the odds or if Detroit will solidify their position as favorites.