NHL Inside the Numbers 110723

NHL Betting Trends for Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

The ice is set for some thrilling NHL action this Tuesday, and the betting trends are leaning heavily on historical data. Here's a deep dive into the ATS STATS 80% Club stats to find out where the smart money might be heading.

Head to Head System Trends

Starting with Pittsburgh, they show promise as they hit the road in November. With an ATS (Against The Spread) record of 8-2-0 and a straight-up (SU) record of 7-3, they seem to have a knack for early winter games. Interestingly, when playing as the road favorite during this month, their ATS record is equally strong at 7-3-0, suggesting that confidence may be high in their camp.

New Jersey, on the other hand, presents an interesting case as underdogs with a total between 6.5 and 7.0, showcasing an impressive ATS record of 16-4-0. Their home or away performance in November also stands out with an 11-4-0 ATS record. It seems the Devils might have a few tricks up their sleeves, especially when on the road with similar totals, boasting a 24-11-0 ATS record.

Buffalo's trend as road underdogs with totals between 6.5 and 7.0 is notable, with a 16-4-0 ATS record, indicating they might be a good bet for covering the spread in such situations. Detroit shows mixed outcomes when facing the NY Rangers as road underdogs, with an ATS win record of 11-5-0 but an SU loss record of 6-10, suggesting close encounters that don't always result in wins.

Team System Trends

The Minnesota team shines when playing as road underdogs before a non-conference game, with a perfect 11-0-0 ATS record, although the SU record is an even 6-5. St. Louis also appears solid at home as underdogs with a total of 5.5, marking a 9-2-0 ATS trend.

Nashville, when playing as road underdogs in November with a total of 5.5, are almost impeccable with a 10-1-0 ATS record. Colorado, after scoring zero goals in their last game, rebounds strongly with an 8-2-0 ATS record when playing at home.

Carolina shows a consistent pattern when playing as home favorites with two days off, boasting an 8-3-0 ATS record. And Arizona, when licking their wounds at home after a loss as underdogs, has a strong bounce-back trend with a 12-1-0 ATS record.

Betting Implications

These trends provide insights into potential outcomes based on historical performances. While past records are not a guarantee of future results, they do offer a lens through which to gauge potential game dynamics. Bettors eyeing ATS lines might find value in teams like Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and Minnesota based on their strong trends in specific scenarios. However, it's crucial to consider current team dynamics, injuries, and other relevant news before placing bets.

In conclusion, as the NHL season progresses, these trends could be telling signs for bettors looking to capitalize on team habits and patterns. Whether it's the resilience of the Buffalo Sabres as road underdogs or the strong home showing by the Colorado Avalanche after a scoreless game, these trends are valuable tools for those looking to make informed wagers this NHL season.