NHL Power Ratings

NHL Daily Power Ratings – Monday, January 8th, 2024

Dive into today's NHL Power Ratings, where we assess teams based on their current season performance, recent game outcomes, and the Strength of Schedule (SOS). From dominant forces to teams struggling for momentum, let's explore the power dynamics in the NHL.

Dominant Forces:

  1. Florida Panthers (PR: 0.57) – Excelling with a 25-14 record and an unbeaten streak in the last 7 games (SOS: 49.23%).
  2. Winnipeg Jets (PR: 0.58) – Impressive at 26-13, they've shown formidable strength with an 85.71% win rate in their last 7 games (SOS: 49.73%).
  3. Colorado Avalanche (PR: 0.55) – Strong at 25-15, maintaining a solid 71.43% win rate in recent games (SOS: 46.61%).

Rising Stars:

  • Edmonton Oilers (PR: 0.53) – Gaining momentum at 20-16, with a perfect record in their last 7 games (SOS: 50.71%).
  • Boston Bruins (PR: 0.55) – Showing resilience at 24-14, with a 71.43% win rate in their last 7 games (SOS: 46.70%).

Teams Seeking Revival:

  • San Jose Sharks (PR: 0.39) – Struggling at 9-31, with a 0% win rate in their last 7 games (SOS: 55.84%).
  • Anaheim Ducks (PR: 0.43) – Challenging times at 13-26, with a 14.29% win rate in their last 7 games (SOS: 53.15%).

Balanced Performers:

  • Detroit Red Wings (PR: 0.49) – Maintaining a balance at 20-20, with a 57.14% win rate in their last 7 games (SOS: 48.89%).
  • Philadelphia Flyers (PR: 0.50) – Steady at 20-19, with a 28.57% win rate in their last 7 games (SOS: 49.03%).


Today's NHL Power Ratings present a comprehensive view of the teams' performances, considering their recent games and the strength of their opponents. As we delve deeper into the season, these ratings offer insights into teams' resilience, consistency, and potential.

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