NHL Betting Picks

NHL Ice Trends to Watch This Sunday, March 17th, 2024

As the NHL season progresses, certain matchups this Sunday present intriguing betting opportunities based on historical head-to-head system trends. Here's a detailed look at some of the key trends that could influence betting decisions and fan discussions.

Islanders' Mastery Against the Metropolitan

  • Dominant As Underdogs: The New York Islanders have an impressive 27-3-0 ATS record when playing as road underdogs against Metropolitan Division teams. This resilience makes them a team to watch in divisional clashes.
  • Underdog Success: Further emphasizing their underdog status, they hold a 16-4-0 ATS record when the total is between 5.5 and 6.0, demonstrating their ability to exceed expectations.

Detroit's Divisional Dogfight

  • Metropolitan Challenge: The Detroit Red Wings show potential with an 8-2-0 ATS record as underdogs against Metropolitan Division teams, signaling their readiness to tackle divisional opponents.

Columbus' Central Showdown

  • Central Division Contenders: The Columbus Blue Jackets boast a 7-3-0 ATS record versus Central Division teams, indicating their capability to hold their ground against western rivals.

Anaheim's Defensive Duels

  • Low-Scoring Against St. Louis: The Anaheim Ducks have an underwhelming 1-9-0 record for the over/under when playing as road underdogs against the St. Louis Blues, suggesting a trend towards low-scoring games in this matchup.

Key Team Trends to Consider

  • Ottawa's Home Underdog Edge: When playing at home as underdogs on Sundays, the Ottawa Senators have a strong 10-1-0 ATS record after conference games, showcasing their potential to surprise.
  • Anaheim's Road Resilience: In March, the Anaheim Ducks shine as road underdogs, with a 19-3-0 ATS record, especially after coming off an over, highlighting their gritty performance away from home.
  • Carolina's Road Favoritism: The Carolina Hurricanes, as road favorites, have a notable 19-11-0 ATS record in situations with 3 games in 4 nights, reflecting their stamina and consistency.

Smart Stats System Trends

  • Islanders' Bounce-Back Ability: With a 12-3-0 ATS record as road underdogs after three straight losses, the Islanders have proven their capacity to recover.
  • Carolina's Consistent Favoritism: Exhibiting a strong 8-4-0 ATS record as favorites during the current season, the Hurricanes show their reliability in winning games they're expected to.
  • Winnipeg's Road Dominance: The Winnipeg Jets' 4-9-0 ATS record as road favorites after a close victory suggests a challenge in extending their winning margin in consecutive games.

As the NHL heats up this Sunday, these head-to-head system trends offer valuable insights for bettors and fans alike, pointing towards potential outcomes based on historical performances. Whether it's backing the underdog Islanders against their division or considering the Ducks' penchant for defensive battles, there are plenty of angles to explore for an exciting day of hockey action.